A warning to you Indies....

Make sure you balance life instead of programming 14 hours a day. Get some exercise … or you could end up like me.

Currently in hospital with a blood clot in my leg. Looks like I will be in here for a few days and on blood thinner for the next 6 months.

Could be worse. If the clot broke up and went to my lungs or brain, I could have been dead, leaving a wife and 4 and 5 year old boys.

feel sorry for you man, I hope you get better. Its always good to keep yourself active, not just to be fit, but to get out, get some sun, move the muscles.

Some movement within home is required after every 45 minutes if work. Neck, legs, hands, back, elbow, eyes are under extreme strain when blood supply stops due to sitting in same posture for long time.

man, you really need to do some more motion :slight_smile: There are so much opportunities:

get up and go for coffee
get up and go for beer / coke / whatever

if you do that you will recognize that you have to go up and go to toilet much more often, so you move even more! hope you’re fine soon enough!

Yeah I’ve recently made some changes to my activeness. Get well soon @mind

When I was working at my previous jobs I was afraid of something like that happening to me since I was sitting 8 hours a day + in the car (I never did any breaks) + many more in front of a TV at home. Now it’s better, but still, I have to have more excercise. A good chair is also important - I threw one out because it was making my legs go to sleep, which probably could cause clots.

Get well. And I hope your games will do so well that you wouldn’t have to sit so much in front of a computer!

Hey, get well soon.
Once you are back… live life wisely and to the fullest.

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get well soon!!!

Take care of yourself because if you don’t have a good health, the other things doesn’t matter. And you can’t make apps by the way :slight_smile:

I initially bought the P90X some time ago. While I don’t do it everyday, I try to do it at least two times a week. 3 would be better. However, what I am trying to do now is no matter which exercise regime I choose to do or not do that day, I am trying to do at least 5 minutes or so of quick exercise in the morning. -Maybe some pushups, stomach exercises, and yes, pullups - they do wonders.

Occasional exercise may not be enough to combat the adverse effects 8+ hours of sitting. Best solution is to get a stand-up desk!
@mind: Get well soon, and I’m glad it was treated correctly and timely!

Pray for your health

With all do respect prayer will not help. Unless you combine it with excercise or something. :wink:

Get well soon and thanks for giving us a fair warning.

I too work from home, and to stay healthy, this is what I do:

  • I find Workrave to be a great little tool for reminding you to take breaks.
  • I also use WatchMe to time my work.
  • I take 10 mins of break every hour and I do some rope jumping, squats, pushups, pull-ups, stretching etc.
  • If you can afford it, get a height adjustable standing desk.
  • Sit on a stability ball (I have a 500+ USD chair, but I still prefer my 10 USD stability ball).
  • Eat healthy (isn’t expensive or complicated)

Beside all that, I also exercise regularly every day or every other day. I do 30-60 min sessions (no gyms, all at home - I find free workouts from FitnessBlender the best).

If you work hard, you need to play hard. :slight_smile:

get well soon

Sorry to read it, I hope you get better soon.

we need to take care of the time spend on the desk guys, some weeks I finish my regular 8-9h job and I rush to my home to continue working in apps for another 5-6h, I must say that’s insane, not only for your own health but also for the people loves you, if we are smart enough to make a money with this we also should be smart enough to think what is the better for us.

Get well soon… Our prayers are with you

Take care! Hope everything will be all right!
Everyone think that we have silent & great work in home… But it is very dangerous as we can see. I’m starting riding bicycle this month to get better:)

Hope you get well soon.