A List of Android App Stores

Yesterday at work I wrote up a list of Android App Stores (63 of them + 1 that was brought to my attention today) that I thought devs here might find interesting / useful: List of Android App Stores

If you are looking for a few extra downloads for your app you’ll be able to find them in a few of these stores.

If you know of any app stores that I have missed please let me know.

Nice! I will have to check this out

yandex store

here are some list of android app store

Great list! would be great if you can rate them which one are the best :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if it’s useful to put in that many appstores. It takes a lot of time to deploy to many places. I prefer to use Google play (of course) and Samsung Appstore :slight_smile:

you forgot mobiles24.com

Publishing to Opera will have your app transferred automatically to about 15 other stores in that list.

Have been trying Opera but they seem to have long delays before you can enable your apps.

How long has it taken for your apps to be verified?

once they verify your account you can enable your apps instantly

uploading in different is useful if some one search our app/ game then if you uploaded in nice rated page rank website then it would give great back links and download to your app/ game

Thanks I’ve already got this in the list.

Too many to rate! You can see what some devs thought in a survey that we ran: Android App Store Survey Results

Agreed too many apps in too many app stores can be a pain, but if you are looking for extra downloads you’ll get a few in some of these alternative stores.

Thanks! I have updated the post with mobiles24

Interestiong, do you have any idea which ones?

I noticed that most of these markets report a download number, but only a 10% of these downloads actually get installed.

Yea I can also vouch that its instant, no delay what so ever. As for ranking I would say:

Google Play

  • tons of stores with mixed results (maybe 10 more)

i Would like to another app store in this list…


Both are good to submit your app/games.

1mobile sucks over 300 apps up there and no downloads, slideme sucks can only post 1 of each app up since they claim others are the same even though they are diferent, example if you make a green heart live wallpaper they don’t let you publish a red heart live wallpaper.

Aptoide sucks published 18 apps and still pending, to have your own market costs $400 a month with them.

Most of these stores are worst.one of my paid apps priced $1 on opera store uploaded one year has stats of 62 downloads and you would be surprised about total earning $2 .is amazon better?samsung apps store too.how long will it take for an app to get approved on these stores?

i believe you cannot submit your app with ads in SlideMe right?

I’ve got them booth thanks!

I havn’t tried slideme yet, but I got 6 downloads for my only app on 1mobile in two days so not that good but might be worth it in time. I have also heard that 1Mobile is good for downloads in Brazil and China but with only 6 downloads I can’t speak to that.