A List of Android App Stores

Yes, I can’t vouch for any of them being good, I’m just trying to list them all for interested developers.

Total newbie here…which one do you guys recommend that I should try first?

Hi,Try Google play.Also simultaneously upload your apps to Amazon,Opera and Samsung apps store too.

Have been looking for this info

Big Thanks :slight_smile:

I agree with that. Google Play is the biggest and the one you should target for sure outside of China. The downloads you can get from Samsung and Amazon are surprising. Opera though I don’t have experience with. How does it perform for your apps?

Hello @AndromoMark Indeed.But what are those stores which target china?Google play doesn’t right?Samsung rejected my app.waited for 5 days.And amazon i am not lucky with it too.And regarding opera before it was bad but now i think its good.I have similar experience for apps published on opera store like google play.ie i see same amount of download as i do get in google play as soon as my app gets released there.Though download are few in number like single-double digit numbers.But i find same till date.

Google Play can work in China (as far as I understand) and can be installed however most phones do not come with it pre-installed. I think many of the phone makers use the ASOP builds and then put their own skin on top along with their own apps and stores. So while Google Play can be installed it’s reach is much smaller then the larger Chinese app stores.

The Samsung App store goes into China but (as you have seen) they can refuse to accept apps sometimes for very strange reasons.

I’ve been trying to figure out the Chinese market but so far it’s been difficult to crack. I think the best bet is to try to get your apps into the popular Chinese app stores.

on top of what Mark said, if you have IAP in your app, it is not visible in chinese play store.

Hi,Until my apps were live on google play store especially themes/lockscreens i didn’t find any installs particularly from China.I tried visiting 1-3 Chinese app store .But since their language is Chinese i couldn’t get though after their homepage or idon’t find any other language option on their store too :stuck_out_tongue: Btw do you have any chinese app store list?

Well, that sure is a good collection of a number of aftermarket place available other than Google’s Play Stores, But what I am seeing here is that some of them have are Chinese stores actually I am not against them but the problem in submitting application over those stores is I don’t know how but they make the exact copy of the your application i.e. the copy of your application work even more great than your application works. So, I’ll say I am not going to prefer submitting my application over to those application stores.

I don’t have a list of only Chinese app stores, however the biggest Chinese app stores are included in the list I linked to.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean? Are you saying that some of the stores edit your application when you upload it to work better? I haven’t heard of anything like that but if you are at all concered with a store modifying your app without your permission then I would advise you not to upload your app into that store.

What about the demand in these App stores?
I consider to upload some of my apps to Samsungs and Amazons app store.
Is the number of downloads and revenue comparable to Google Play?

No I am concerned about the Chinese application stores, I don’t know how they do but they download your application code (I don’t know how they do it) and modify your application and they upload your application modified version in their name over the application stores !! I mean your idea get stolen and instead of you they make profits.

Please don’t spread misinformation. There are cases in which Chinese developers (not app stores) copy apps to make money of them and even steal your source code in special cases, but this is not the norm. The Chinese app market functions differently than what people are used to from the US. If you can get in (gov. id and jokes like that) you should focus on making money from IAP.

Well, tell you what @nolokimes I am telling the truth not bulging around telling people fake things I think you should try doing a little googling and you will know what I am talking about even in this forum, I have heard from a user who is telling that his idea got stolen and chinese developers has even presented his idea in a much more better way … :stuck_out_tongue:

Great that you agree with me that these are individual developers and not the app stores.

Great idea, the list should be updated regular. this seems like some very useful info.