1:1 game rating exchange and 1:1 submission to social tools exchange

I’ll check some apps out and give an honest review of them.

[email protected]


Anyone else interested in exchanging reviews?

Here is my new game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.wms.FireBall

Hey guys,

I’ve just released a new game - would you be interested in exchanging a review? Please PM me.


Hey people :slight_smile:
I can give up to three ratings, so contact me for a review exchange via PM.


I am very glad you started this thread - I think it’s very useful for app developers without a large budget to be able to swap reviews as a way to make their apps more visible. I noticed one of the posts here (and some posts from other dev forums about trading reviews) mention The Arc webiste (App Review Club): thearc.io. Someone posted about it in May, and it’s still asking for me to enter my email to be notified when it’s ready to go. Does anyone know if it’s ever going to be ready?

I’m taking a web tools class which has a semester project of building a web site that uses a database (due by beginning of December). I would honestly make an app review website that does everything The Arc says it’s going to do. Mine won’t look as pretty, but it would work. Does anyone think I should actually use that idea for the project?

Also, I’ve sent a few PM’s today to people who posted here, but if you’re reading this now and I didn’t send you a PM (and you still want to trade a rating/review/+1) just send one to me.

@pat, thanks for your good review. I have returned the favor.

I am open for this task. Do send me a PM and we can work together.

Hey, I just released a game today. Message me if interested, thanks!


I was looking for reviews for my app and just found this forum. I’m interested in exchanging reviews. Please PM me. :slight_smile:

hello all can i join this project please PM for more details

We are in the same shoes, meaning in need of good reviews :slight_smile: If anyone is still interested in the exchange please PM me.
We have two different devices with different accounts, so if you have more accounts we can exchange more :).
Just so you know our game needs android 4.0.3.+

I can exchange 2 or 4 ratings (2 for Android up to 2.3 and 2 for up to 4.3), pls PM me.

I exchange ratings https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gikdew.facebookhacker!! If you rate me contact by private with me and I’ll rate yours!

Installed and gave 5 stars and said “fun game!”

here is my app:



Who would like exchange rating just write me PM anytime :slight_smile:


message me for rating exchange!