1:1 game rating exchange and 1:1 submission to social tools exchange

Hi, guys.

I’m willing to make a 1:1 game rating exchange.

In other words, you send me the link to one of your apps / games and I’ll download it and rate it 5 stars.
And you must do the same for me.

All my games are free. If you have a paid app, you must send me the money so I can buy it and download it to my phone and then rating it 5 stars.

There is no need to play the game.

The only requirements are that you do the same for me and that you use a real device to download and rate the application.

I willing to promote your game on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus if you do the same for me.

I think this method is safer than using fiver services.

To everyone interested, please PM me.

How well does this work I wonder, and how many installs this will bring you …I am thinging about why not just directly exchange installs or traffic with other developers…as far as I know, there are such midiate platforms who support such traffic exchange like appflood which claims it’s commision fre for introducing to other developers , to me it seems quite a win-win business. Anyone who has any experience on this?


My reasons and point of view:

[li]You don’t need to beg your parents and friendss to download and review your apps and games. I hate that because in my experience 99% won’t download / review your app.[/li][li]If you work with some individuals, it’s harder to implement. Specially because you many have bigger userbase than your parners and you will impress much more ads about their apps than what you will get.[/li][li]If you work through a mediation company it works like banner exchange. You won’t get 1 impression for each 1 impression yu provided. usually it’s something like 10:9 or 10:8. In other words for each 10 impressions you show in your app, you will receive just 9 or 10 from the network.[/li][/ul]

You may be wondering why and the reason is simple: they have to make money too and they do it by selling the percentage of impressions that you’re pying to participate (1 our 2 impressions for each 10 impressions depending whether the deal is 10:9 or 10:8)

[li]I don’t want to miss any time frame marketing some else’s apps in my app. I prefer to show paid ads[/li][li]The fact a user saw an add about your game into another app doesn’t mean he/she will download it. Less probably is the users will rate your app. Less probably yet is that they will rate you app 5 stars.[/li][/ul]

So IMHO I prefer to deal with partners that will download just to review / rate the apps 5 stars in a fair way: 1:1 exchange. You get paid for each and every review/rate you do.
More over, you can agree with your partner that you both will

[li]hit the +1 button in the Google play page[/li][li]will tweet about app/game[/li][li]publish on Facebook about the apps being reviewed[/li][li]will post in blogs[/li][li]send it to stumbleupon [/li][/ul]

In short you will have much more possibilities dealing directly with partners.

And I strong believe it will be beneficial for all of us that do it. A high rated app / game has more chance to attract real users attention and that will improve the chance your app / game will be downloaded.

The drawback is that it’s a manual process and a little time consuming. But I prefer thsi way than buy reviews on fiver that I thing is a dangerous process.

At the moment I don’t have any statistics about that because just 2 friends did 1:1 game exchange. I thik you will start seeing results when 30 or more people review,rated, +1 and spread our game into social networks.

Hope I have explained my point of view and that you decide to get in this partnership.

I completely agree with plicatibu.
This exchange will help new developers to give their apps an initial boost to get more downloads.

(@Plicatibu Its me Teja from Gmail (box game)! :stuck_out_tongue: )


It’s nice to meet you here!

For you that never dealt with Teja, let me say that this is the kind of partner I’m looking for:

He does all we have agreed in the deal. 100% trustfully person.

Very clear and agree with most of your points:) But still kind of wonder how easy to find enough partners. and how long will it take?You need to consider the opportunity cost like your time etc. As too few partners won’t bring much influence in my opinion. Well…as to some mediate platforms, I don’t think all of them are working like banner exchange, as far as I know, appflood works like install exchange. and there are points to balance between the different user bases.It works like if your partner gets 1 install from you, you will earn one point with which you can buy another install from other partners…This is what I heard about.

BTW have you tried promoting your app on facebook or twitter? I found here in Asia, social network is really a good place for marketing.

Any one that accepts advertisers will act as a banner exchange company taking some impressions from partners to resell them. Or they will have to pay for publishers. In this case they become an ad company specialized in advertise applications.

I registered my self as advertiser on appflood and something is wrong with them.

Their instructions:

Quick Start Guide
[li]First, add a new app.[/li]> [li]Next, integrate the AppFlood SDK into your app.[/li]> [li]Upload your app to Google Play or the App Store.[/li]> [li]Apply to get approved. (Note: Steps 1-3 must be complete before requesting approval)[/li]> [li]We will approve your app within 48 working hours.[/li]> [li]After your app has been approved, go to My Campaigns to set up your campaigns.[/li]> [li]Once your campaigns are approved you will start getting installs![/li]> [/ul]
Please note: You will begin cross-promoting other apps in yours as soon as steps 1-5 are complete.

Just publishing? Only Steps 1 to 5 are required.

Just advertising? All steps are needed.

Note that for an advertiser all steps are required. What the hell? Why should I ad their SDK if I DON’T want to advertise anyone apps?

How much would it cost me to advertise? It’s not clear.

So I sent them an e-mail explaining my doubts. As far as I get an answer I’ll post it here.


I am interested in exchanging reviews with you!

Here is my game:

Give me link to yours please!


It’s my pleasure.

I rated it 5 stars / reviewed and +1 your application https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.TimbrulDeMediu2013

(my review: [LEFT][b]Very useful! I highly recommend it)

[/b][/LEFT]I could not download the game Jigsaw (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.Puzzle)

At the end of installing process the Android gives an error telling me error message Package file is invalid.

I noticed that you used Adobe Air to develop you programs / games, right?

Not all devices support Adobe Air. I have a brand new Motorola Razor i (xT890) and this device is not supported by Adobe. In other words, Adobe Air doen’t work on my phone.

My guess: The Taxa Auto doesn’t have Adobe Air installed inside the apk and user must download it so I could download and rate it successfully. I just cannot run it.

On the other hand I’m pretty sure you have added the Adobe Air inside the apk. This is a tremendous error of you. Why because regular users that have devices that don’t support Adobe Air will see the application fail to install , they will see the error message Package file is invalid and they will think your program / game is damaged.

I highly recommend you remove Adobe Air from your apk. This way the user will download your app faster, and they will notified by Google that your game needs Adobe Air. Then they will try to install Adobe Air and Google will say that Adobe Air is not supported by their devices.

This way users won’t say your app is crap. They will say their own devices are crap because they don’t support Adobe Air.

Almost all mygames were made using Adobe air and I dont insert it into apk because I got many complains from users saying my app was crap.

As I only reviewed/rated/+1 1 onf your apps I’m sending just one app to you to the same for me:


Whenever you fix the Jigsaw package (in other words, remove the Abobe Air from its apk) I’ll be able to download and review it for you.

Fell free to contact me directly on my email: [email protected]

Hey Guys, im also interesting to do this!. My game is not out yet but will be in a couple of days. I can give up to 3 five stars rate and like on fb. Feel free to contact me via pm or here!
http://www.facebook.com/leo.desol.3 thats my fb website! (it is just beginning hehe)

Hey Guys, im also interesting to do this!. My game is not out yet but will be in a couple of days. I can give up to 3 five stars rate and like on fb. Feel free to contact me via pm or here!
http://www.facebook.com/leo.desol.3 thats my fb website! (it is just beginning hehe)

Rated your game. I thought it was a lot of fun. Only problem I found was the music kept plsying sometimes when you left the game.

My game is https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=xdebugx.wordSearch

Done. Rated your app. Good work. the only thing you can change is the sound button. Also liked your fb page.

Good morning everyone! :slight_smile:
I need ratings for this small game:
I’m waiting answers to cross-vote your apps!!!

for XdebugX:
besides a rating exchange, because of the similarities of our game, would you like to cooperate? :slight_smile:
I think that for example direct inhouse cross-advertising could help us a lot! :slight_smile:

Rated and +1 Wooords. Nice game, I thought the variation of block types was a great feature. What type of cross promotion do you have in mind? I’ve tried house banner ads and they don’t work very well. Best cross promotion I’ve tried so far is to put a direct button to the other app in the games menu. What do you think?

Please PM me if you also want rating exchanges. Currently I have 5 apps on the market. Thanks!

Hey, I just noticed your question about appflood. Well, about this exchange system, exchangers could be acting both as advertisers and as publishers. Or you can just choose to be advertisers.

And the price is based on whatever bidding price the advertiser sets as long as your bid is competitive to the market rate. It’s a little complicated to explain in simple words here.
Maybe you can find more detailed here:How many points does it cost to buy an install?

Hello all.
I need a little boost for my newest small app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.beppi.illusions
Anyone wanting to make rate-exchange?

Thank you.

Hi Beppi,

I downloaded, rated and +1 your illusions app. I also thought RyZm was an interesting app and rated it.

If you haven’t rated already, apps I’d like you to look at and give honest review are:

if you have time.