Zodiac love calculator ios


                                 ![zios1.jpg|941x1672](upload://zV2QMRfCP278Vc8rksCaOFTtHJs.jpeg)     ![zios2.jpg|693x1232](upload://lpJ625B6fiYt8UBvyHEdbaSDEMe.jpeg)      ![zios3.jpg|757x1346](upload://hj4iKi0VXhDPQQ9WcfZZtp4oQJE.jpeg)                   ![zios4.jpg|573x1018](upload://aAAcHmCHC5rCGEWU1zSkioYs9a3.jpeg)

Valentine’s Day is Near! So Check it out with whom you are going to date on that day! Does s/he really loves you or not? Will it be ok with you to propose him/her? Will s/he be your perfect match??

To get all the answers download the application and check out the person hahaha…

In this application you will get all the Zodiac Types’ Nature. And for getting the result of Love with your loved ones, you have to Write down the name of both of you and put the Zodiac Name too in the application. Then just touch the Calculate button and you will get the perfect result for you people. This calculator calculates on “Onomatology” and our “special feature” is finding compatibility with the “Zodiac Sign” of the person you love. Whether you people are perfect for both or not, the application will let you know. Also the Zodiac Match for you two will also be there in this application. And you are allowed to share your result.
But don’t get the application too seriously! It’s just FUN!

Happy Valentines Day to all!!!