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Congratulations. And here give you some app promotion methods which can help your app gain more downloads and help increase your app exposure in the app store.

The best way to promote an app is to make your app more visibility in the app store. Only when your app have a high position in the app ranking, more potential users will see your app and have the possibility to download it. See the following to learn more knowledge about how to make your app more visibility.

Doing App Store Optimization
App store optimization, it is specifically what increases the visibility of your app in the marketplace. The higher its rank, the more users will find your app when they search, then the more downloads will generate.

  1. Using simple but attractive app title, also add hot keywords in the title.
  2. Add keywords in the subtitle.
  3. Creating an eye-catching icon and video to attractive more users download your app.
  4. Using relevant and competitive keywords. Using keyword tools to choose some keywords for your app. Do not only put all the keywords together, also make it smoothly.
  5. Write good description, add more information in the description to make people know more about your app.
  6. [b]Get more positive app reviews[/b]. This is vital important. More positive reviews can help attractive more people download your app. Because data show that near 90% people will judge the app quality according to others reviews.

Get your app featured in an official blog
Maybe you just publish your app on your website, in addition, you can include it in your official blog to attract more users to install it. For example, you can write a story about your app and let the users know the purpose and background of your app. Show them your app’s function and more details, like app links, screenshots, and videos to help them understand your app carefully.

Make your app be featured by app store
Most people choose to trust app store’s recommendation. They believe app store will recommend high quality app to them. So if your app is featured by app store. It can help increase app visibility. You should know the rules of Apple store and make sure your app is a high quality one.

Advertise for your app
Advertise is also a good way to promote your app. Developers can choose online advertise, such as Facebook ads and Google ads, or advertise in some related forums. If you app is a game app, you can advertise it in the game app forums. Or you can choose offline advertise, such as make a small video about your app, and play it in the people crowded places. Maybe this need a huge budget, but still useful.