Your real job

Hello guys, just wanted to know are all of you make android apps as full time job? If not, what are your doing?
As i am work as network operation center in one of isp company on my town, and hoping to get rid of this work when i have an app that give great revenue ($1000/month) that is a huge amount of money in my country, and maybe doing some investment too

which country are you from?
I m from India and my target is $5000 before quitting my job. I take off from my full time job occasionally for android dev., my youtube channel and my website.

I am from Indonesia, but not living in big city in my country, so the living cost not very high. I spent around $150/month and that include paying for my life insurance($30/month). And of course i live in my bro house…
$5000/month is Wow for me, $1000/month is quiet safe, my biggest revenue from android dev is around $200-$300/month and that was bigger than my salary (before google suspended my acc). And now i am starting all over again, making new app and forget all others related to the past account.
And about your target $5000, is that just from android dev? or include revenue from your youtube channel and website?

why Google suspnded your account?

3 apps suspended because of copyright. The first one and second, because i use image that i search on google. And the last one because i make application about anime quiz, every image i make by myself, but still get banned.

I don’t want to depend on a single revenue stream. So $5K split across multiple revenue streams. I am going to give kindle ebooks a try too. Also looking for some alternative for youtube. Need to check if I can upload my youtube tutorials to dailymotion too? So hell lot of plans and I think every one has a different strategy. Someone looking to concentrate on games may want to go cross platform so as to earn from web games, ios, android, chrome games, windows phone etc.

I work for a US based company writing business applications. I would quit if I could, but I have a family to provide for. So for now, I can just dream and hope to find success in my spare time.

I work as a support/developer in huge company. Don’t have plan to quit because i haven’t published my first app yet;) Let’s see how things will go.

I am working in a SINM company ( computer training company).

Hi everyone,

I am an ABAP developer in Argentina.
Rixchow, for me, $1000/month will be great to dedicate to Android exclusively.

Game and app developer, iOS/Android/WP8

I work as a freelancer and most of my developments are freelance work. Nowadays I am trying to get a job as a software developer in Virtusa in Sri Lanka

Good luck on your path Rixchow!

I work for a mobile company providing different mobile products i.a. we have an incubator studio so we launch apps, an ad network, provide tools such as developer SDKs etc. I relocated from Europe to China and so far I’m loving it.

i am a freelance graphics designer

indonesia juga bro

I am a student, and was deepened knowledge about android programming :slight_smile:

I am currently a student.

I am studying history and international relations.