Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment.

Your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment.

does anyone else see this message in new admob?

I don’t understand, I’ve had this notice for over 15 days now and i have verified my address by PIN, my bank account is confirmed and tax info was submitted two weeks ago?

Yeah, Im also having this message since I migrated to the New Admob.

And I had my Old Admob account already confirmed, and the confirmed new one also. So I just consider it a glitch on their side and am waiting for the next payment cycle to see what happens.

I have just exchanged a couple emails with AdMob support, and in my case a verification was indeed pending (even tho the site doesnt say clearly that). I needed to verify my address, and am all set now, no more “Your payments are currently on hold” message.


I am worried about my account, where did you get a hold of admob support email? can you share it with me so I can email them?

How did you verify your address ?

damn it… i knew something was wrong. turns out I had to go to Adsense dashboard to find out that indeed I do not have my address confirmed… and now ofcourse its too late to put in the PIN because you have to do it by the 21st to get this months earnings out! This is AdMobs fuck up

I verified by email, by sending a copy of an official document. But Im not sure how the “right” process would be, as I didnt even know the address verification was pending… and also I didnt receive anything by regular mail to be able to verify.


Oh, damn… I would never know that, I have never even opened the Adsense dashboard :confused:

I just opened the adsense dashboard. I get the same notification as on admob, but I cannot find anything to fix…
What is there to fix? Nothing? Is it just a bug?