Your idea is not that important

I going to be blunt with you. This is a tough field, with tons and tons of misleading info or people that claims that he or she can train you in how create your first app, that is, if your are trying to learn via youtube. Quick tip on that: Watch the video backwards. This way you will see if you are getting value or just a random trainer. The truth is if you want to get good at this you need to read and read a lot.
I wont say something like you can be rich overnight, because it can happen but is something that knocks the door of very few people(it’s like a lottery ticket). Another way get to the same goal is to work you way up slowly.
Unfortunately I learn leason the hard way. I did the job backwards at the begining. I came up with a great Idea. Spend countless hours building an app to find out that no boddy likes it. I almost give up. What people doesn’t tell you is that you should never stop reading(did I mention that already?). Make sure you do you home work every day. You need to surf for hours or days in order to address an audience need on an especific channel or enviroment, as soon as you identify that you think of an idea to fill that gap.

As I mention at the begining you can get the right idea and share it in a form a product to the right audience&channel and makes tons of money, but again, that doesn’t happen very often.

I’m not doing that much myself on this field but I’m getting a consisten income that can help me create a capital to try something else if this doesn’t work. By the way this is the app that I’m using:
AppsZero - Build Apps With Zero Coding

Youtube only provides you basic experience/info and human tried information is there, Actual experience you get when involve in same.