Your first computer?


What was your first computer?

Mine was on Zx Spectrum 48K. I still have sentiment for such old school 8 bit style games :wink:

Also on this computer i had first contact with programming - writing simple games in basic :wink:

My first computer was a strange machine my father built from ordered parts. It’s name was cobra (you can find some photos when you search for “cobra computer” on google, but mine was at first without the casing and later with a custom, green casing). You could only program it in machine code (my father gave me programs to enter into it - just numbers). I played pong on it. :slight_smile: Later I had Amiga and started programming in AMOS which was great for games (similar to Basic but really powerful and… unfortunately slow).
My idol at that time (I had maybe 10 years or so) was Eric Chachi (the maker of Another World). Since Amiga I always wanted to make games for a living. Sometimes dreams come through - but mostly those that turn out to be hard work. :smiley:

Cool, self assembled computer :slight_smile: As for amiga i loved it too - it was really cool computer. I’ve played a lot in elite2: frontier, ufo: enemy uknown, etc. Those were great times :smiley:

Experimented with amos too, but never managed to do something complete in it.

Don’t forget R-Type…

BBC Master series.

You guys seem to be with computers since like when you were 10-12 years old. For me first computer was a Pentium-II 833MHz assembled machine running Windows 98. My elder brother had bought it and had introduced me to computers.

My first computer was a 286 25mhz, with 640k of ram. Started programming games on it when I was like 12yrs old with Turbo Basic. Turbo Basic was a compiled basic instead of interpreted like qBasic.

My Grandpa used to tell me “One day everyone will have a computer!” I didn’t believe him at the time lol.

I think i had 8 years. That was nice childhood :wink: Simple, funny and deadly hard games.

my first computer is HCL

I never owned a computer until i was 22:( and it was P3. My cousin had a PC though i don’t remember which one and he would sometimes allow me to play cricket on it.

The brand of my first computer is HP, and I have used for more than six years.

Commodore 64, of course. :slight_smile:

Yes I remember mine very well, in fact I am using it right now.

can’t remember the specs but it was a 386 running windows 3.1 :slight_smile: