Your daily income per 10,000 active installs?


on this day I’ve got 15,165 active device installs, combined from 4 different apps. This yields from $1,5 to $3 per day from AdMob.

My ad placements are not very optimized, because 3 out 4 apps are made with Andromo, and they are very conservative.

However, I wonder, what are your earnings per 10,000 active installs? If my daily average is $2,25, then my earning per 10k installs are $1,5 USD.

Is this good, bad, or just ugly? :slight_smile:


Rather work on daily average users. Installs mean nothing if the user does not load the app.

I don’t have yet Google Analytics in my apps, so I don’t know about the daily usage data. But I have a feeling based on total uninstalls and earnings per app.

I have a game with 16000 active installs (dev console)
I get 30-50 clicks per day > 1,8 - 3,1 dollar with admob

Thanks for sharing. So this is quite a hard business. I’m including links in my apps to the website and on the website i also run AdSense, so that helps a little also (about $0,50 to $1 day, currently).


I invite you to check out our service at
We pay a regular monthly fee per user and, depending on the location of your users, you could be making $50 per month for your 10k users. The amount is guaranteed and doesn’t change with fill rates, cpm, daily app launches, etc’


Thanks, Elnor, but I can’t include anything customized in my apps. Currently I can only use AdMob and AirPush. You should contact Andromo, if you’d like your services to be available in their apps. Sorry.

Thanks for the heads up!

I have 1,500 active users. Daily usage of my app is from 14 hours up to 1day+, it generates currently stable 1k impressions, some days 1,5k and i make from it 2$+, daily… Seems your users dont use your app and I have admob only.

Daler brings up a good point. Average users per day is really a BAD metric. Imagine:

App 1:

  • shows users 1 ad per 3 minutes
  • average play timer per user per day = 3 minutes

App 2:

  • shows users 1 ad per 1 minutes
  • average play timer per user per day = 1 minutes

Now they may both have the SAME total ads shown / day. However, which brings in more income ? CTR based… right ? So App 1 makes more money, since adds are shown less often. But what if his cycle time was 2 minutes ? 50% more adverts and a small drop in CTR. How much could App 1 really make ?

So, the question behind the original post might have been: For a certain advertising implementation (eg: banners only!): how much do you make from your user base and how do you measure this ?

Good post as usual mind.

To the OP’s question, there’s just too many variables to give an answer. Mind points out some based on ad rotation but we’re ignoring who’s looking at the ads. Certain users are more profitable to advertisers than others and so they’re targeted more and their CPM bid up. And they’re not the users you’d think they are, high income people. A lot of money in mobile advertising is affiliate marketers running dodgy offers like ‘win an ipad’ and batterybooster apps with reverse SMS billing and the stats show these offers convert better on people with older Android handsets and versions.

Just too many variables to give an answer.


I took your advice to heart and we have just been integrated with Andromo. You can now add our service to your monetization scheme:)
A Different Kind of Ad Platform: Pingjam Caller ID Ads ? Android App Development With Andromo

Hi ElnRoz,

I’ve seen this new feature, but I didn’t know it was yours. :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know!

I will definitely try it out with my upcoming app.

May I ask what is the general feedback from people who use your service? I know from a friend of mine he had so much bad experience with Airpush that he abandoned it completely even if it was making him a LOT of money (at the peak he was earning $300/day with all his apps and Airpush enabled). Now he uses Interstitial Ads and regular AdMob banners and users don’t seem to mind these. What about ads during phone calls?

Thank you very much, I appreciate your effort!

We closely monitor the complaint rates for our developers and to date - we have a ratio of 1:250k user complaints about our service (complaint=bad review in the app store)

Does this help?

This helps a lot, thank you! I’m just asking, because I’ve already managed to get a lot of angry users just by shifting some audio tracks from in-app to YouTube in one of my apps (I couldn’t handle the traffic so I had to make the move). You wouldn’t believe how many angry reviews I received and the app is FREE! :slight_smile:

So I just want to make sure I don’t upset too many users.

Thanks again! I’ll implement your service in my apps which don’t have any external links or in-app products.