Your best number of installs in 1 day

Thought it would be fun to make a topic to brag about your records.
So what’s your best number of install’s in one day (new installs not total) of one app.

I’ll kickstart the topic with mine:
My current record is 10 new installs (app: Wish l!st)

12.000 in the middle of march with Robo Miner - it peaked out at this time, started falling and is now ranging between ~1000 per day (since 5 weeks)

PS: only google play but there was the most installs

My best was 378 installs when my drinking game was reviewed on android central.

Highest for my 30 Day relationship challenge was 228 in the play store and around 200 on amazon (but not on the same day)… average around 250-350 a day for both stores combined.

I’d love to have your declined 1000 installs a day :)… but you deserve it robo miner is a great game.

btw- Martin your Linear clock widget looks pretty cool.

My best was for Party Light Free on Dec 31 2011, 2176 installs. I’ve had some really bad days though, for instance I’ve had day where I lost ~10,000 active user installs, believe I released a version that wasn’t working :frowning:

The most new installs I’ve ever had in one day was 45,795 (for Fake iPhone as you might have guessed!). At this stage, it was in the Top 10 Entertainment apps on the Android Market. :slight_smile:

Apart from this big “hit” app though, the most I’ve had is ~3,000 downloads in one day, for Troll Face Camera. Most of my other apps’ records range from 150-300/day.

If that sounds like a rosy picture, don’t forget it’s still a challenge to keep & monetize those users. The most uninstalls I’ve had is also for Fake iPhone - 34,816 devices uninstalled in a single day!

GPS Widget had 678 new installs on it’s best day. It had about 380 installs/day for a long time. But currently it has about 300/day.

I’ve gotten 75 installs of my free version in one day on Amazon.

I’ve gotten 11 sales in one day of my paid version on Nook.

You all have great numbers. I Wish I could have anything close to 100+ downloads a day.

My highest number of installs in a day for Math Trainer was 218 installs (and my highest uninstalls 96). Now I’m getting about 60-100 installs per day, probably because it’s getting closer to summer so everyone’s off school so people don’t really have the need for a math training application anymore.

One tip to get more installs is to translate your application title and description into other languages. Also check that it translated correctly for all the languages. I used the auto-translate feature but when I checked for the Swedish it turned out that it hadn’t translated the title to Swedish, so I changed it myself to a suitable name and my daily installs in Sweden went from around 10 a day to over 100 (now it’s down to about 35 a day, though).

Amazing numbers david and reiti, I’d love to have something like that one day. :slight_smile:

I added translations to my app, I wonder if it will help.

In Swedish my application is called “Träna Matte” and I noticed that “matte” seems to be searched for more often than math or matematik. I think I’m the only one in the Swedish store that has “matte” in the title and so I’m at rank 4 when searching for it.

I tried changing the name in the other languages as well but the auto-translation seemed to have worked better for those and so the competition was higher for the search word meaning math in those languages. Still noticed a small increase for some other countries as well though.

I hope it will help you to get some more downloads Martin

I’ve had 54 on my Soundboard. But I usually get 25-40 downloads per day.

Interesting… I did not translate the title of my app. Only the description. Let’s wait and find out if I also need to translate the title.
What I did found out is that my app is higher in the ranking on Play when the language is set to Dutch… I’m Dutch myself so I did translate the description in Dutch. Maybe now I will also get higher rankings in the other languages.

But I’m getting off topic. Let’s resume with the numbers :slight_smile:
54 is a nice number Konja.

I think my highest was around 10k. But its about 4k a day now for my best app.

Huh guys, you have impressive numbers here.
My first game got a highest ~2000/day, but it was an exploit of a meme from my country, so it’s not a big deal.
My second game got a ~300/day, when it appeared on Samsung App Store.
I think I must work on marketing a bit harder.

538 on the 11th day after publishing. Now way below that. Almost same like all the crap apps on the market. But the app still makes few cents a day :slight_smile:

My record is 2187 installs (26.02.2012 with Dental Drill). Currently down at around 100 installs a day.

I Got a new record with my Linear Clock app (Free version)
94 installs in one day. That’s almost 10 times my previous record.

Congratulations! It’s times like this when I really wish Google would add some kind of Analytics to the Play Store, so developers could figure out what drives this kind of increase in downloads.

Well in my case it was a review on a small Dutch Android website. Also sold a couple of pro versions in the day’s following the review. Now that the review is older and not on the front page the downloads dropped to ±10 a day and about one pro sale a week. So I hope other sites will review the app in the future.