Your Active / Total Installs Ratio?

My Active / Total Installs Ratio is around 1:4. All my apps are games. I don’t know if this is a good ratio :confused: . Wanted to find out about it. What about yours?

typically 70% after 1 day, 50% after 1 week, 40% after 1 month; mostly utility apps

games generally have lower retention rates because users get bored of them faster

The question is: do you consider un-publishing apps which drop to <15% after say 6 months.

I have seen 25% going down further to 10%-15% (active vs. total installs) as installs approach 500K downloads.

The reason in this case is that if new installs are reasonably stable (i.e. basically new installs are caused by random search-based discoverability and the app is not going viral i.e. more popular with every passing day) - then installs will remain stable, while the “total downloads” will keep going up.

Since there is always attrition from the installed base, eventually the installed base will get so large that the attrition from that will be significant and begin to swamp the new installs.

As a result ANY app which has stagnant or stable (i.e. non-viral) new installs every day WILL start to see the ratio of active installs/total installs go down over time.

As a result any such app is no better than a new app struggling to gain installs.

But removing an app and re-releasing it may have some app store dynamics related advantages - i.e. maybe easier to promote a “new” app ?