You think use startapp ? Check image...

THey are funny :slight_smile:

i turn mobilecore , their ecpm is avarage 2$

so verry good earnings with mobilecore. startapp loosing devoloper…

not every network can monetize every kind of app. I am seeing very good results with startapp with ecpm for some U.S traffic apps going to $10
But the same app didn’t monetize with mobilecore

what is your dominant users region ? ,
And MP3 download is very popular app , it would get you nice revenue (if it stayed at the market )

same here, i have 1.000.000 daily impressions, earnig is only 100 usd ±. plz someone suggest me good network. my users r from, mexico,chile,brazil,spain nd italy.


What ad formats are you using?

What is your main source of the traffic?

It all depends on many variables.