You must know this tinder-Style Dating App-Sudy

Hello guys,

We developed a tinder-style dating app for wealthy and attractive members,which named Sudy. We would like to hear how do you think it and welcome any kind of review for it.

Brief of Sudy so that you can get a clear understanding quickly
Sudy is a Tinder-style dating app for wealthy and attractive members, it has the following features:
1, Tinder like: swipe to like or dislike.
2, vote-in to prevent creppy.
3, always free chat
4, moment like wechat does, so it can draw more attention.

Finally, you are welcome to test and review our product if you are interested in it. And we woule like to receive any constructive suggestion to help us improve our product.

wow, how to find this dating app in the internet?

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Dating is quite popular as time goes and now it use almost every youngster around the world.

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