XYZmesh_64.dll load fail in Windows 10

XYZmesh_64.dll load fail in Windows 10

Postby Michele Bucciarelli » Fri May 21, 2021 4:13 am

I have a problem with opening XYZ Maker 3D kit latest software. When I click on it to open but it pop up error. It say 3rd Lib Load Fail, [XYZmesh_64.dll] load fail. Path= C:/Program files/XYZmaker 3DKit/XYZmesh_64.dll. :?
I checked the XYZmesh_64.dll in C:/Program files/XYZmaker 3DKit and it is already stored.

How to solve this problem?

I use Windows 10 Home (21H1)
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
8gb memory

To be honest, I usually look for similar problems on the Internet and if I find a solution, I fix it myself, if not, I give it to the service

Have you checked the compatibility of this program with Windows 10? If my memory does not change, you need to carefully check the compatibility of each application you download to your computer with Windows 10. When I upgraded my Windows from version 7 to version 10 with a key I bought at, I decided to install my old program on Windows 10. Unfortunately, it did not start, and a similar error occurred. Then I contacted support and found out what was wrong. I was told there was a compatibility issue, and I needed to update my app or install additional files to fix compatibility. After that, I did everything right and my app started working.