www.androidimagegenerator.net.tf - Create images for your app online!

Hi guys,

check out my new project named ‘androidimagegenerator.net.tf’.

Android Image Generator

In fact it’s an online image generator for creating the nice promotion pictures (big / small) needed for Google Play Market.

I created this because i hate graphics work, and wanted an easy and fast solution for creating all needed images for my app(s).

In future there will (hopefully) also be an icon generator, for creating all kinds of icons.

Feedback appreciated,

It’s a good idea, I always struggle to make these pictures so anything which makes the process easier would be great.

Have you seen the Android Asset Studio? It does a good job with icons - actually it’s been integrated into the Eclipse ADT Plugin now as well. Might be worth looking at before expanding into that area.

Hi david,

thx for your feedback.
The whole thing is for me also a little experiment:
Till now i never had promotion images with any of my apps. Now i’ll check if anything changes in terms of app downloads if there are such images.

I was using the Android Asset Studio for creating the icons of my apps, but unfortunately it’s very limited. So in most cases i anyway had to use software like Paint.net or whatevever to finish.

Ok, let us know how your app downloads go with the new promotion images!

First results: No major changes in downloads :wink:

Guess adding those pictures only helps for having the change of getting selected as featured app.

But let’s watch the next days…