Wtf is wrong with google

What is their strategy behind mass banning of so many accounts and ruining peoples lives? Do they want people to kill themselves? Some developers probably kill themselves after spending years building their income from apps and then sudden account suspension with no reason given and absolutely no way to contact a human and find out the reason for the suspension.

This is complete bullshit. “In violation of content policy” is the reason given. So I email for clarification because I have read the content policy NUMEROUS times and am 99% sure my app is NOT in violation. And they respond and say “see our original reason for app suspension in the email for the reason”. What a bunch of shit. Ruins my life. Makes me not want to program any more or make another app

Developers should unite for a MASSIVE DDOS attack on google play until google changes their policies. this is bs

Keep calm and describe your apps, most of the time there is a legitemate reason for the ban lkke violating copyright or trademark.

Unfortunately this is Google’s chosen approach to most things.
@fourtwozero I’m not saying that you were in violation, but I remember you did release a lot of repetitive content in the past and people did report you for it.
If you turned over a new leaf then it might be Google catching up with you?

fourtwozero is same guy with fake car key simulator apps? can’t recall. i remember someone with similar nick name was reported on reditt and there was a lot of cry here on forum and on reditt.

No I didn’t have those apps. My apps were totally legit. Google sucks. I was the guy that went on the drunken rant against Appwiz being in unprofessional scam business (I was right wasn’t I?)

Bên bạn có các sản phẩm đệm điện hàn quốc nào đang bán vậy? Cho mình xin báo giá với

Well, I would say those guys are now up to show quality in order to compete with iTunes store at the start they have the needs of apps over the store so they accept whatever is present and now once they grow up they start grooming things up by removing all the low quality apps available over their store. I guess thing will get more strict in upcoming days and I would say they have to groom themselves up if they want to compete with iTunes.

Its really so bad to suspend accounts of developers, Google should give us some warnings to fix issues or bugs which are violating his policies before suspending accounts. But sudden suspensions of accounts is a clear sign for developers to create their own web stores online and publish their expensive applications on their own stores too. We should not depend only on Google.

Well, like I said previously what they are upto is giving quality, think it like this to till date according to app brain there are 1398638 application available over the playstore and I don’t think they are the one who needs more application over their store, what now they are upto is cutting all the bad, low quality apps out over the playstore, so they can compare them selves over the iTunes store and that’s they reason why they are getting strict and stricter by banning the developers account that has ever tried making profit. I would agree with you that Google needs to set up some warnings service before suspending the developer accounts.

The installation from unknown sources is what Google is blocking the users from using other stores. Most android users don’t know they can install apk from other stores.

If we compare with windows then in windows we can download freeware or paid softwares as .exe files and install them. There is no such restriction by default in windows which is hidden.

The future would be developers becoming independent of app stores and that is possible with web based apps and games like HTML5 and beyond. I think they are deliberately not improving ecosystems to perform better for HTML based apps and games. Most web based apps perform very poorly when run in browser or exported as apk using phonegap etc.

Their profit point is blocking the app stores and selling installs to devs who want to grow user base.

The first step to break free of play store would be either to educate users to download and install apk files or web based apps.

Well, I don’t think that throws light over actually what here @OP is asking rather than you seemed to be taking this conversion over to something totally out of the box ! Don’t you think this restriction haven’t anything to do something do with the blocking application from the unknown sources ? I guess over here we all are aware about it, i.e. the reason why our Android device block us from installing the application over the unknown source, as downloading and installing application from other third party stores other than Google PlayStore posses risk that you may be exposed with some malicious code ! I don’t think they are blocking the developers because they wants to sell those over their stores ! Infact what they are trying to do is they are trying to compete with Apple iTunes Store.