Would you use Mobile Ad Mediation

Mobile Ad mediation is a technology that sends advertising requests to multiple ad networks to ensure mobile publishers find the best available network to fill their ad slots. With ad mediation, publishers can manage, optimize and increase profitability of their inventory.

The benefit of mobile ad mediation for app developers and publishers is using of a single SDK, with which publishers can set priority for serving ad networks demand, according to their specific eCPM, geography and other parameters. Also, with ad mediation solution, publishers are in a position to force advertisers to compete over their inventory and so they can significantly increase their profit.

The key trends include real time bidding that allows publishers to choose an ad network with the highest bid. Another trend is new formats adoption, such as native and video ads. With native ads, publishers get un-intrusive way of exposing ads inside their apps and increasing its efficiency. Video ads demonstrate much higher potential to generate profit as oppose to regular still image banners.