Would you be interested in infographics about app marketing and design?


We are indie developers working on apps for android and IOS. In our time spent developing we noticed that one of our biggest problems is where to find necessary resources and materials to learn new things. Now don’t get me wrong there is certainly no shortage of content about how to develop an app. But we’ve all seen and read articles that can be basically summed up into “If you want to market your app use Facebook”. Yeah, well that is not very useful.

We decided that in order to solve this problem we want to make community hub with all the necessary information in one place. We will scout the web for all the great articles, content and useful information about app programing, marketing and design and convert that content into infographics. This community hub will be used mainly to deliver snapshots (visual data) about very interesting (and often long articles) in a very easy and most importantly fast and readable way. This will ensure that you will not waste time searching for articles and then realizing that this is not what you wanted to know. You can just check out infographics and then decide if this is what interests you and click on the source to see all the links to articles that can further expand your knowledge about topic.

We want to hear your opinion on all this guys. This is a non-profit project and it will take us a lot of time to complete. So we want to make sure that there are people who will find this useful.

I would find it useful for sure! Specially if all the sources are available to look in detail

Well our plan is to include at least 1-3 sources in every entry. Including for example pdf documents with raw data and other similar stuff.

Can I ask you in what topics interests you the most? Is it marketing, programing or perhaps design?

Marketing and the app business

How to avoid bans

Well, of course why not I would say everyone is interested in infographics on app marketing and design as after all that is something which is way more interesting than a long post about it !