Worth to publish for iOS, too?


I got some apps and they make me some good revenue already. Do you think that I could double that revenue if I’m also going to publish the apps for iOS?

I’m using some cross plattform tools anyway so it shouldn’t require too much work.

What increase can I expect? 50%? 40%? Whats your experiene?

Thank you

For me it is about 1%.

Anybody else have some experience? I’m also curious.

Are the downloads not there or iPhone apps have low eCPM? I was just thinking about converting my apps to but it’s $99 for the dev account and at 1% i’ll never make it back!

The eCPM is actually much higher, the downloads are very low though. Lower than on Amazon AppStore for me. Sales of paid apps are similar to Amazon AppStore.

Are there other experiences? I cannot believe that it’s just like 1%.

For example I released a game for Windows Phone. Just for testing purposes. It’s already generating like 8% of the revenue that the Android app is generating.

I think that a such established plattform like the Apple App Store should be able to generate even more revenue.

Discovery of apps and games on IOS is big hurdle. 2 out of my apps bring 0 downloads. Reasons being: less number of ios users than android. In one year I have been able to recover my fees of $99 only from IOS but still can’t ignore it as an alternative to android.

@Dummie - could you share more about your experience with Windows Phone - what kinda numbers (downloads of free apps, sales of paid, revenue) are you experiencing?

I published only one app for Windows Phone. It’s a free game. It’s generating around $ 1-2 a day. It’s not too much but it all sums up in the end.

I also have 1 app on Windows phone. I totally forgot about it. I noticed that again when I got payment from ads… I had about 200k downloads and about 300$ for last 2 years. Very high eCPM

This month is going to become very interesting. The past months on Android worked out very well but I still want more and more. It is a shame. Anyway I just bought a Apple MacBook + iPhone 5S (I think the smaller screen size is still more common thats why I didn’t pick the iPhone 6) and applied for the Apple Developer Program. I hope I can make the money back and increase my overall revenue but I got a really good feeling about it. I think I can provide some stats by the end of the month and I can provide even better stats next month. But if I cannot make the money back on iOS it doesnt matter because I will do so on Android and I still got a shiny MacBook + iPhone. How cool is that? :wink:

Furthermore I want to update my Windows Phone apps. I published them but never paid attention. Last month revenue: 4 $ only. Doesn’t matter but I think a hour spent here could make it much better.

want to convert my hit apps on IOS too.

Javaexperience is there?? ofcource with new login name… :D:D

What ad revenue do you use for Windows Phone? I’m trying to steer away from adMob due to Googles unpredictable ‘bannings’.


I’m using AdMob only and I’m also going to use AdMob on iOS. I think as long as you play by the rules and you do not spam cloned apps, click your own banners or do other stupid stuff everything should be fine. I forbid my whole family to use my apps to ensure they do not click the ads by mistake (we are sometimes in the same network). Everything is great and I’m not afraid anymore. I got a friend who clicked his own banner once. He got banned. I do not think they ban for no reason. And if you look at the threads the banned people often tell you they have done nothing wrong but in the end they “just tested the banner” or things like that…

If AdMob really kicks me out I still can change the network. Why should I waste that time if I might never need to change the network anyway? And this other networks (they even called me and said we could also select together special ads that meet my apps best) I simply do not trust them. Maybe they really can provide me more money but that usually also requires more agressive ads. Maybe they are really better than AdMob but it still makes no sense for me. Sometimes less is more and you should not touch a running system. Thats my opinion and I’m good with it.

By the way I think that AdMob is only banning small developers. I do not think that they would ban someone who is already earning some real money. They actually lose money, too. Play by the rules strictly and try to become a partner that really benefits for both sides.

This just shows how ridiculous adMob is. :smiley:

Thanks for the response.

BTW - I recently had an app suspended as my title was “Ghost Scanner” - Google suspended the app as my title was not “Prank Ghost Scanner”. I guess my app was insulting to actual, real ghosts.

Google is ridiculous and there is zero mediation to ‘fix’.

Good luck!

When I first read about your scanner problem I just thought - oh, well, you have to put fake if your app is a fake scanner, duh. Only now have I realised it’s a GHOST scanner. Google is truly insane. You should’ve responded that it’s not a prank scanner but a real one and detects ghosts with 90% accuracy.

I had the same. Also words ‘ghost scanner’ are trademarked by one guy with the most popular scanners and they can ban you for using these 2 words

I should have. :slight_smile: Let them PROVE it doesnt scan something that doesnt exist. :slight_smile:

I think instead of asking of.asking family members not to use the app,he can provide ads free copy which is controlled on certain login names just to avoid the sharing of ads free version with others.