Worst President in France - EVER !


Just to say that we have the worst President in France ever.

84 % of French people against him. Really !

Somebody can beat 84% ? Somewhere in the world or the know universe ?

You have normal election in France at least. In Poland 84% are against current goverment but they win elections anyway! We had elections few days ago and the goverment bought program for votes counting. They paid about 200k$ for that and it was totally broken. It was made by student and had a lot of errors. For example everyone who had the .exe could log in to the application and do whatever he wanted, because it was public! The manual too! In manual you could find certificate to the application and simply log in and make a mess.

The city major elections in big Polish city - Szczecin won guy who even didn’t take part in elections! There are much much more anomalies which directly points that this elections was simply faked. TVs is quiet about it while the internet screams.
TV insolently laughs from people who protests and says that protesting people want to destroy democracy. I don’t ****ing want to live in this country anymore. Seriously…

When I think that goverment takes away almost half of my salary I want to cry. In return they build useless museums or swimming pools which costs us money because there are not enough visitos. They built some highways as well. What’s wrong with high ways? 1KM of the highway in Poland costed more than 1KM highway through Alps, that’s right, through the tunel. We have the most expensive football stadium in the world and much much more. Of course they are so expensive because of corruption. But the goverment is happy that they could say “we built this, we done that” and ppl votes for them:/

Few years more of that bullshit and stealing half of the salaries and we will have another Ukraine here.

Ok, now I feel better when I could share it with you:D

Long life to Democraty !

In Poland the whole politics right now is a mess, all big political parties compromised themselves over the years, so I for example have no one to vote for, literally, not a single person I could vote for, not a single party. What is left are some very small radical left and radical right parties, some with extreme ideologies, some that can’t be taken seriously (because their leaders are clowns). Most people don’t seem to notice how much of a mess it is though.

With the situation in Ukraine I suspect Putin has much to do with it - his spies are probably trying to make it even more of a mess that it is (like they did with the plane with our president that crashed, using it to stir more chaos in our politics), who knows. :slight_smile:

Anyway, even with that mess not one of our politicians came close to 84% I think. Our last prime minister had about 70% disapproval rate from what I found on Google (edit: it looks like he had only 55% disapproval rate while his party had the 69% which is a bit insane because he was quite hated for ACTA, but I suppose people forgot).

As Mateusz said the elections were a joke - maybe not really faked (at least not on the country scale, hard to tell really), but still they show a horror of incompetence. I believe we need observers from abroad on the next elections, this can’t go on like that.

HAHA I would rather have your president than Obama, Obama sucks.

Kim jong un, he hits the 99.9%-100% on the hateness bar :slight_smile:

Does it uses a scooter to get to his girlfriend ?

100% of North Koreans love Kin Jong Un. :wink: (and actually probably very high majority really does, the propaganda machine there is insane)

100% love him, because he will put you in prison if you don’t!