Worst job you ever had

Senior year of high school and a summer after I hand peeled logs with a draw knife for log homes, out in the sun 10 hour days…talk about shitty backbreaking work and callus upon callus

I have no job experience. And I am afraid to get a job…

Lol, I understand perfectly what period of life you're talking about. Dada, our youthful years are completely different from our children's years. My most horrible job was to pick fruit like strawberries, etc., in the summer season. A huge heat, a sun that made me faint, but I had to work to raise capital to survive. My family and I went through a very difficult time. We didn't have much money, and we had to accept any job opportunity. No matter how bad it was, we accepted it. But now everything is different. I have a 14-year-old daughter, and I want her to work. I found a website with jobs for 14 year olds to work as a barista, cashiers, etc., but she refuses to work, saying it's a horrible job ... Oh, these kids, I don't understand what a horrible job represents.

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The worst job that I had was of washroom sweeping in the airport I did not had anytime to sit.