With 504 apps/games, every new app hits top charts

I have been following the top new charts in India and every now and then, an app or game from Dexati hits top 20. As of now there are 504 apps/games under this account:

The newest reskinned game to do so is:

Is it by buying installs or cross promotion. How do we repeat that stuff?

100% cross-promotion, this guy is creating an empire making really big money, all of us can achieve it but maybe we spend 20 years cross-promoting :slight_smile: this guy had the enough luck to have a great success with an app with 5M+ downloads, once you do such achievement its really easy to keep your new games up.

Ps: I can’t believe how an account with 500 apps can still be alive, why people is so lucky?

I think its cross promotion, however, I outrank this guy in USA every time he launches anything competing. The quality of his apps being the reason. I bet he gets a ton of uninstalls

Ah nice, 504 apps, which 504 are crap, I love how his photo effects is complete junk and has 5m+ installs, I have a photo effects app that looks and works amazing …I throw it up on g-play with 0 ads, it’ll be banned within 2 days max. This is just more proof google likes spam crappy apps over real working ones :wink: …I know this because I can throw up the scummiest app FILLED with ads and it’ll stay for months, yet a proper respectable ad with 0 ads, they don’t want.

no ads no money for google :smiley:

maybe a crappy app without any monetization is suspicious :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed this too - that in some niche or keyword searches, lately I have seen really crappy apps start to appear in top 10 searches for those keywords.

And those apps are essentially unusuable - and recent reviews saying how bad the app is - YET the comments section is filled with positive reviews and ratings is not bad.

The apps themselves are almost unusable with large number of ads - and I have even seen some which essentially don’t seem to work - yet they continue to be listed high for those keywords.

And this is really surprising - i.e. how such crappy apps can get people interested and have huge downloads - compared to the much better apps ranking below it.

It maybe some new Google algorithm change - which biases towards apps which have large number of ads or something - or these outfits are buying installs to boost apps to top or something.

Just does not make sense - how there is a user base saying the app is great - when the app doesn’t even work. So are these all paid reviews - are those reviews that cheap ?

:eek: Any more people like dexati ?