Wire transfer or paypal?

Which one is better for receiving payment in India .Wire transfer or paypal.How much wire transfer charge you…

Hey Gopal!
I don’t know much about advertising etc, but I do know a little bit about this. You might wanna look into some of the PayPal terms for Indian users. The government isn’t a very big fan of it, and has put severe restrictions on it. Last I checked, there was a rule that you can receive amounts no higher than 500 USD via paypal, and if you want to buy something you must first withdraw the money from the account, then fill the balance again. It’s pretty tedious. I would go (I am going) for wire transfer.
Hope this helped
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I prefer wire transfer. With paypal you’ll get 2 Rs less than Forex rate (~58). Most of the banks give you good conversion rate but may take extra charges. So choose bank carefully.

Go with the wire. Paypal is a asshole. They will limit your account for no reason and than ask for a proof (happened to me a long time back). They pay less, take a cut out of the transfer and than take some more for currency conversion. In all they are simply unreliable.

The shit they do will land them behind bars in India. Our banks are hundreds of times better than them. The bank rates are higher. The bank will only charge you about Rs. 70 for upto $20,000. And 160 for $20001 to $100,000. To top that the bank wont mess up or hold your money.

I am mostly using paypal. Don’t know which ad networks are you talking about.
For admob/adsense , its wire transfer option only. No other option is given.

Payment method minimum threshold: USD 50.00. Transaction Fees: Wire in USD fee: USD 20.00; Wire in INR fee: USD 0.00. 2.5% Currency conversion fee may apply.

Payment method minimum threshold: USD 300.00. Transaction Fees: USD 25.00. 3% Currency conversion fee may apply.

mC doesn’t mention anything about extra fees for wire transfer in their FAQ. Their minimum threshold is same for paypal and wire transfer ($200 weekly)

AppNext (No mention of any fees):
We remit payment of earnings when they’ve accumulated to $200 or more if you’re using bank transfers and $50 or more if you’re using PayPal.

PayPal , ACH and Wire transaction fee of $7.5 will be deducted from your account.

So we can use wire transfer with airpush without any doubt.
AppNext has 4.5% fees when getting paid by Paypal. Not sure about fees with wire transfer.
I can confirm that Startapp, Chartboost, mC don’t have any fees for paypal. Exchange rate given by Paypal is usually less as mentioned earlier by Rs 2 or so.
What is your experience with the fees charges by ad networks for wire transfer.

Appnext with wire is not good… I paid 60$ last time for my wire… It depends on bank, but other networks pays me without fees… So definately do not use wire with appnext

As a victim of paypal horror story,
I would rather pay 50$ rather than losing all of the money, if you receieved money less than 200$ it is okay using paypal, but after that number, the risk has become way too high to handle. let say you have 1000$, i would rather pay 50$ and knowing that my money will arrived directly in my local bank rather than in the hand of 3rd party asshole like paypal, thats is for sure

so my 2 cent, go with wire transfer bro. use paypal only if you try to withdraw small amount of money (low risk)

I love paypal, imagine if you bank suspend your account, you are still safe…

What ! :confused: