Win an eBook on Android Marketing

I’m giving away 3 copies of the book “Genius Android Marketing: Get Rich By Outsmarting the Android Market” by Jason Van Buiten on my blog.

The book has some interesting ideas and tips in it for promoting your android app. Check it out.


Cool. I will choose the 3 winners Monday night (1/16). Right now there are only 5 comments so the odds of you winning one are really good (60%).

Reminder. Today is the last day to enter the contest. I will pick a winner in about 9 hours.

enter here:

Good Luck!

I would enter, but I’ve already bought the book. I’ll still tweet your message though, to spread the word!

Thanks David. I thought the book was an interesting read. If nothing else it got me thinking about ways to promote my apps and stressed the importance of marketing.

I chose the winners

Thanks to all who entered.

I know nobody who read the book became a professional. Perhaps, it’s better to hire a marketing agency to organize your marketing campaign. Because you can do something that lead your mobile app to crash. Don’t try to do something you don’t understand.

Thank you, but I prefer to use PDF Mania to download free pdf for my pc, and Epub for my iPhone. Never knew that I can make it so easy. Just one click and I have all my favorite books on any device. You can try it for yourself too if you want to learn something new from it.