Will you help test my game?

I’m trying to make sure everything works ok now. Had a few problems with Lenovo phones where the tilt did not work.
Wondering if I could get you guys to test it out and let me know if you come across anything that needs improvement of just doesn’t work.



Works perfectly on nexus 4. I really like the game - really fun to play. The only “advice” is to work more on graphics. I know you are probably a programer and you hate that photoshop / illustrator crap - so do I but it turns out that for most people graphics is very important. At least you should improve buttons - they are just a text - they just don’t feel like buttons. Music is awesome though ;D - did you make it yourself?

Thanks for the advice.
Aside from the lack of true buttons was there another aspect of the graphics you did not like?
And no I did not make the music. A friend made it and let us use it as a source of promotion for him.

Great game concept indeed. Great Sound and Music. However, did not show too well on Transformer Tablet graphic and text wise. Maybe game is not intended for tablets? Also, too bad it asked me to connect to Google right at start of game. I would rather see the menu first and option to play offline or connect to Google to play online. Funny because I just released my new game “Yum Yum Pow” and I see few similarities in game operation. If you can test my game and let me know I appreciate it. Free limited version is available at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wildroid.yum.yum.pow.limited

Good luck with the game :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely check out your game today and give you some feedback. If I like it I will give you 5 stars.
I’ve never tried the game on the transformer tablet but it looks nice and crisp on my Nexus 7 though.
I’ve had several people tell me the links should be buttons instead of just text so that is something I’m going to fix for the next update.
However I’m wondering what other specific graphic issues you’ve seen on your tablet.

Mainly, the text font is not sharp "tilt device, … tap anywhere, game over …, " and the sprite graphics (not background - background is fine) shows like the old DOS games sprites, not sure if it is intentional. Other than that game is great. Hope this helps.

After going back to check on it I realized the fonts you’re talking about are not graphics. They’re using system fonts. So whatever font you have set as default on your device is what they’re using.

No at all! Actually there is something special to it that it reminds me about old arcade games. Especially the colours and the animation made me feel like I was back in 90’s ;D.

Works good over my tab, screen rotation you are talking about is working, I would advise you to concentrate more over the graphics now ! I feel like playing some 19th century childish game !