Will this app get shut down on Facebook?

Hi guys!,
I’m building a very simple third party app/ web service for Facebook, but I need to know if Facebook will shut if down (as it MIGHT not adhere to the terms of service).

Background: Jerry and John are both on Facebook, and know each other in real life.

  1. For whatever reason, John wants to ANONYMOUSLY send Jerry a message through Facebook (either by Facebook message, a post to his wall, etc.) of the following statement:
    “Do you like baseball?”
    (Note: John does NOT have the ability to control what the message says - through my app, he can only choose to send Jerry either the message “Do you like baseball?”, or nothing at all! This precludes him from sending anything harassing, threatening, etc.).

  2. Now, John knows he cannot send Jerry anonymous messages on his own, through his Facebook account. So, John sends me & my app/web service a request to relay the message “Do you like baseball?” to Jerry, while keeping his (John‘s) identity a secret.

  3. As such, our web service sends Jerry a message. The entire message reads:
    One of our shy friends would like to relay the following message to you:

‘Do you like baseball?’
All the best,
The web service"

  1. Jerry will have the following options:
    A. Answer back to our web app/ Service
    B. Ignore the message and possibly block our web service/app.

My questions:

  1. Will Facebook shut this app/ web service down, as it ultimately facilitates an anonymous (but harmless) message? Technically, my app/ web service is the sender, and is disclosing it’s name to Jerry (recipient).
  2. Does my app violate any terms of service (if so, can you please provide reference to the exact term of service?) COULD Jerry successfully file a legitimate complaint about this, and will it get taken seriously?