Will playing around with prices upset users?

I’d like to play around with prices to see its effect in the different countries. I don’t want to comment on it or present it as an occasion or sale, I just want to see what happens if the regular price is this or that.

Any experiences with annoyed customers? (Like: “I bought the app yesterday for 2,99. Today it’s 0,99 for no reason. I want a refund of the difference” or whatever…)

When you buy the game, I think that you no longer see its price, so you should be OK. :slight_smile:

Haha, yes, that’s true! But you can still see it on the website… :slight_smile:

You could do it much easier if instead of having the free/paid app model you used freemium with unlockables. By having a free version that can be ‘unlocked’ to full functionality from within with an in-app purchase would let you experiment easily and even set different prices for different countries permanently if that would make you more profit.