Will my app RAnK be counted when I upload it in Alpha, Beta Test Mode (PLAYSTORE)?

Hi everyone! Srr if my English is not good

I’m so confused that if I upload my app in Alpha or Beta test mode, my app rank will be counted or not (PLAYSTORE). Because I prepaired carefully for the marketing plan, and i’m afraid that it will effect the marketing result.

I just want to test my app in 2 - 3 weeks, and hope that my app ranking will not be counted until I publish my app. For example, If I upload it (alpha test) in the first day and publish it in the 10th day, will my app rank will be counted at 1st or 10th?

Thanks a lot

I would also find a reply to your question interesting…

It does not count when it is in Alpha or Beta

Thanks BaksaiApps! now I feel more confident to start an alpha test :smiley:

hmm will downloads count when it goes live for final version? If so your app could get a nice rank to boost right away.