Will i get banned ?

Well if i use github source code and reskin it and release it in playstore will i get banned
Recently used one and it didn’t speak about any licence in source code

If you have to ask…

All jokes aside, I have seen stories/cases here of people having their account/app banned for repetitive content.

I am going to guess it comes down to: What are you publishing? Is it another Flappy Bird clones (or [insert popular game/app clone here])? Or is it a legitimate app? If it’s a legit app that even though the source is the same, but maybe you have to put in your own content (i.e. database), then you might be fine. Although ultimately, no one here can assure you that your apps will/will not be banned.

I thing your due to code you used in application you will not be banned. Because duplication code does not matter if your content is unique or helpful for users of application. You see most of application go banned due to bad working features and bugs. So according to me its O.k.

Well, I am having some confusion about it but I don’t think you are going to get yourself banned because … anyway I guess I am going to require more opinions over it !

I think if there is GPU or Apache licence its fine to reskin and u r safe but there are source code which doesn’t speak about any licence