Will I be banned by Google?

So I’d like to implement a quiz app about historic figures like Columbus or Leonardo da Vinci. Their photo would appear, of course I’d be careful about the image rights, like buying the photo online or using a free rights image.

The thing is, there’s almost no app like this in the market and I’m thinking some might have been banned.

So what problems can I have with this app? No one depicted would be alive, they’re all dead historic figures.

Such topics seem safe, it might be hard to get many downloads though, since people prefer quizzes about Beiber or Lady Gaga (or whoever is popular right now, I don’t know). :wink:

Yea indeed I don’t think your app will be banned, worse case they might reject it in the review process.

I think it’s ok too, but the lack of this kind of apps really worried me…