Will Google ban my app and developer account?

I have an app published on Google Play Store. Its having 2000+ downloads now with 100+ daily installs.
Then I thought I’ll add ADs in the app, and In App Purchase to remove ads. Everything implemented within two days.
But the problem is on the 2nd day I published alpha apk on Google Play Store. And downloaded in my brothers phone to check. The 2nd day and 3rd day I checked the app to make sure everything is right.
The problem is while testing the app for two days I used original ads from admob ,not test ads. And there were two video Interstitials and one banner. I used to check if ads are working correctly from both my phone and brothers phone. But never clicked any ADs.
Now on the 4th day , when I checked my Admob account, there I have around $20 as my earnings. But the AD version of the App is still in Alpha publication and used only by me and brother.
The Admob account shows there is around 250 impressions and 60 clicks.
Now I don’t know what to do.
Both me and my brother’s phone using the same Wifi.
Is it ok ? Or will they ban my account an app because I clicked (actually not clicked) the Ads. Or will Google realise it as a mistake and revert the earned money?

You never get banned from Google play for this you might get banned from admob that’s different story…Google play and Admob are different…so publish your public apk and if you get any ban from admob change the ad network …:slight_smile:

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