Will google ban account if I fake reviews for my 40+ apps?

Hi everyone,

I intend to downlaod all my apps to my phone (the phone and the dev acc isn’t connected), and give them all 5 stars and occasinoally 4 starts. I also intend to do it with other people android phones.

Do you think that’s dangerous? can google perhaps ban my account

Most importantly - do you know anyone who did it and if something happened to him for doing that?


I don’t think it’s dangerous! :wink:
Cause I tried it!

Google says it’s forbidden to rate your own apps. They recommend you ask you friends to rate it!

awesome, thanks for the replies people!

If it’s just you, I don’t really see the risk

If you buy fake reviews, there is a great chance that your app will be removed from the Play store, what’s worse, your developer account may be canceled
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i have a question, how much can help an app on rankings having just some more 5 star reviews?

Besides the reviews, there are many other factors affect the ranking.such as keywords competition, incoming link,downloads…ect…

I would say that you need service which is totally autonomous from your app. Besides, you will save a lot of time and can focus at the details which can improve the free-bugs running of your app.

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