Will downloads and revenue drop gradually?


I understand that for new app, the first 30 days will drive quite a lot of installs as it is categorized under new apps.
But after 30 days, the number of installs will drop to normal.
And thereafter, the revenue will more or less stable depending on the number of daily active users.
But let say 5 to 10 years down the road, will the installs decrease gradually day by day leading to lower or even 0 revenue?
Anyone has this kind of experience to share?

Thank You.

Some of my apps actually got stronger over time. Quite a few of them settled and maintain a regular amount of downloads, even a few years later.

Luckily the Android marketplace is still growing! It has slowed down now, but as long as there is growth we shouldn’t see gradual declines to zero. Not in general, anyway.


Thank you for sharing ur experience.
Am glad that ur apps are getting stronger over time!

Thank you.

Also I would like to note you can’t just put an app up there and expect it to continue to grow or be steady without doing some solid marketing. Make sure you hit all the forums , facebook, twitter, etc you can to ensure your app has a long tail. Or if you can reach top 5,10 , in your category you can stay there longer than 30 days.

Which forums are good for app marketing? Twitter, Facebook is ok but since a person may have 500 friends atmost how would that increase visibility much? Thanks for help.

Your 500 facebook & twitter friends have another 500 friends each assuming. So 500x500=250,000. Your friend’s friend’s friend will have another 500 friends and the list goes on and on and on…

The power of social media network!