Will being featured by Amazon help me get downloads ?

So there is this guy from Amazon who approached me to submit my app to Amazon app store and in return he would help me in promoting my app by getting it featured its etc.
In return I will have to put their badge at some places(it isn’t clear,where exactly)
Will it be of any help?
Can some one with past experiences tell me how this works?

They are only interested in having popular apps in their store. You won’t get anything in return other than a few thousand downloads… 5k, 10k? Amazon has his own spam legion…

Amazon has a nice american audience.

Hi there,

The positives:

  • Amazon has an audience with credit cards, willing to spend money
  • demographics is good, mainly US, Western Europe and Japan
  • integration is fairly simply, little hiccups here and there but you will manage
  • you talk to a human when you have any kind of issues
  • acceptance process is quick and you get detailed feedback, at least in most of the cases

The question-marks:

  • if you have a paid app that relies on a paid back-end, clarify the payment terms, if any, for Free App of the Day, otherwise the cost generated by free traffic might be significant
  • if you are looking for tons of easy free traffic, you will the most probably not find it on Amazon
  • consider the costs (time & effort) vs potential gain

Hope it helps,


Thanks for the respons guys :slight_smile: