[Widget] Vote for the President

I decided to throw together a quick app to take advantage of something that will be popular for the next 9 months or so, at least to those in the US (I realize alot of the developers on this site are not and could care less about this… hahaha).

It is a widget to show your support for your presidential candidate. You can also vote daily so your candidate can win the Android Presidential Race (this will also hopefully keep people opening the app daily to see more ads ;)).

Market Link

quite nice idea :slight_smile: You could add your own voting database, so users would be able to put themselfs for voting and so every month there is voted “fiveHellions President” :slight_smile:

That would keep your app interesting after the “official polls” (is it the right word in english?) - would be a nice fun app, so someone can take a photo of a friend and submit him as “nerd of the week” or something like that and other people can vote for the candidates

you could even link that with a website … omg, that’s brilliant! xD

I’ve made the project a library project so I can easily reuse the code for other things by just changing the resources. Like vote for you favorite beer or vote for your favorite soccer team. That way I can have other things after the election is over.

I like your idea about letting people nominate things for silly competitions like nerd of the week. I may look into it but that would be a total rewrite allowing nominations and allowing the viewing of the different candidates so you can figure out who you want to vote for. Very interesting though.

this is a nice idea! its really going to be a hit getting closer and closer to the election.

I hope it picks up the closer we get. So far there has been very little interest in it.

It is a close race so far with Obama in the lead. Gingrich and Paul tied for second place. But with so few downloads so far the sample size is too small for this to mean anything. I’m hoping it picks up enough to have a decent sample size so I can make some cool infographics and see if a couple android blogs would be interested in showing the stats (which will further promote it and bring more downloads)

Download here to vote

Interesting idea - I’m not from the US, but I wouldn’t exactly say I couldn’t care less either :wink:

Do you have any stats as to how many of the app users are US-based, and how many international?

Yes I am tracking which country user is in. I’m using the value from locale.getDisplayCountry() which may not be 100% accurate but it is good enough for my purposes. I also give the user the option to fill in demographic data like location so if they fill it in they could enter anything they want. I didn’t track this in the early versions but so far all the users that have this info filled show they are from the US. But that may or may not be true based on the accuracy of getDisplayCountry and accuracy of info they filled in.

Still not much interest in this app. I released a similar app off the same code where people can vote for their favorite NCAA Basketball Tournament team and it already has the same number of users in only 2 days. That shows you the misplaced priorities that people in the US have.

I’m beginning to think it’s impossible to predict how successful an app will be without actually releasing it. Some of my recent attempts at gauging market interest have had pretty random results (Troll Face Camera, Mirror, and Nyan Cat in particular). And who would have thought the NCAA teams would be more popular than the presidential race?

I’m certainly going to be very cautious about putting much effort into an app in future, at least until I can see it’s going to get the downloads.