Widget problem - I got dozens of mail from stupid user asking "how to open"?

Problem is obvious - it looks like most people do not know what is widget. I got maybe 100 mails in month from people asking what is widget and how to add it, or asking for refunding money.

Well let’s say it can happen, that somebody who know how to buy app doesn’t know what is widget (strange, but let’s say it’s possible) - so after install I am displaying activity, where are absolutely clear instructions of how to add widget on screen, and this text is localized into 13 languages.

But no change - people are again and again asking how to open widget.

I AM CRAZY because of that - what do you do in cases like this? I mean developers, which are developing widgets? Jesus, it just can’t be possible! I am clearly displaying all infos in almost all languages, but looks like people are not able to understand it. Or what…

Yeah, that seems to be a universal problem with widgets. Keep in mind that a lot of your users are impatient and don’t even bother to read the description when they find an app that they want on the market, and a lot of users also just like to complain. I went through the EXACT same thing with my digital clock widget when I first started with Android development, and AFAIK the only thing you can do is clearly state the instructions in the description and use an activity on install exactly like you mentioned. Using the NotificationManager may also be a possible solution since it’s not an ad that you’re pushing, just instructions on how to use the app.

try posting a video in the app description page showing how to display the widget

People are idiots… whenever you make something idiot-proof, Nature makes a BIGGER idiot!

As Google States: “Make an auto-reply ticket if possible stating the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):”

Explaining in the first email:

1.) How do I add the widget?
Method #1: Tap the Home key. Press the hardware menu button on your phone: Tap the “Add Widgets” tab and from there select “myapp”.
Method #2: Tap the Home key. Hold your finger on the screen till the dialog shows: Tap “Apps & Widgets” then select “myapp”.
Method #3: Open the apps/ button for your apps to list and select “Widgets” tab and then select “myapp”.

If your still facing problems: please reply with more details.

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