Widdit's AppScore

Is widdit now fractioning earnings?
In simple words, from what I understand, if your app scores 70, you’ll be earning 30% less than a few days ago. New rates = (Old fixed rates * (AppScore/100))
Is this correct? Any thoughts?

I read the e-mail and went “what the flying fuck” at it. I’m glad I’m not using their SDK anymore.

Yes, thats correct. They were giving less already. Now, they found another way of decreasing our earnings…

Prior to this update I was thinking if it was really worth the crashes, permissions and stuff, now I am sure it is not

They are in Israel… dont f*ck with jews.) Congrats with your first experience.

Hi guys,

There’s been some changes in the payment method, mostly reflected by the new AppScore ranking system.

Although some of you may encounter minor decrease in income, most of you will not see the change at all. AppScore is vital as we seek to improve the value of apps created by our partners. As stated on our blog post, a more interactive app is simply a better app, and will be rewarded.

Widdit is still one of the highest paying solutions out there, and more important- fully compliant with Google’s developer terms.

Please keep in mind that as long as the app you’ve created is valuable to the user, you will not be affected by the change.

For more information and tips on how to keep your AppScore high, don’t hesitate to contact you account manager.


Widdit Team

bad information

earnings went from $2000 to $500, uninstalling. out of the app ads are too dangerous now anyway.

How are you Google Complaint. You are clearly violating google developer policies.
You are making changes to user browser which are not reversed on uninstalling app. This violates google developer policies.

Do you have a confirmation from Google that you are complaint or is this same claim as PingJam?

Your company About Us Page doesn’t even say who started the company. Obviously you want to hide it because you know you are on wrong.

My rating is less than it should be . And they didnt fix uncounted installs !

Dear Billyh,
Do you even know what our SDK is doing? “making changes in the browser”?? “Not reserved on uninstalling app”??

I think you are very confused - Billyh please do you homework before you are posting such misinformation.

By the way, You are Welcome to visit us in our offices - we have a great view and nothing to hide:-)

Haha, hope you enjoy that view and have a back up plan, it is smart cutting developer pay, you’ll need that for your next business venture. Imho, your only customer right now is either the overseas 3rd world country app developer that isn’t smart enough to understand the business side of publishing apps to the market and will suffer an inevitable ban or the quick strike app developer looking for instant returns, the tubemate/blackmart alpha copycats otherwise I am and you should be skeptical of the long term viability of yours. You probably should be operating out of a basement unless you are smarter than I think you are and have an exit strategy.

So you want us to visit in Israel ?

@AndroidFly, the decrease in revenue you are facing can be easily fixed by improving the way users interact with your app. Simply contact your account manager for more details.

As a thumb rule, valuable developers that build valuable apps won’t be affected by AppScore. All developers that have already integrated HomeBase with their app will receive full payments, regardless their AppScore.

So you want us to visit in Israel ?

Billyh, check out our view and decide for yourself…

As an ad network, why do you think you get to judge how my users interact with my app, and dictate payment rates based on that? All you should be concerned with is whether or not the lockscreen is being used, even in cases where my app is only used very sporadically.

Yes we will all buy plane tickets now :slight_smile:

Good one billyh, keep it clean and fun,you might make some friends here

I have real friends and not looking to make spammer friends.

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