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Hello guys,

Hope you’re all well.

We wanted to let you know about some of the new and exciting changes that are going on with us in the last couple of weeks. Most of the changes came from developers just like you who looked to improve their apps performance with us.

RevShare- AppScore will be upgraded to revenue share model. The revenue sharing model is used by over 80% of affiliate programs, as it is the easiest, most effective way for partners to create meaningful revenues. HomeBase will share its income from ads and offers displayed on the lock screen with developers who implemented the SDK, so they can have a piece of the pie every time the user interacts with an offer. For more information, visit our blog
Widdit advantage – higher exposure (user unlocks his device 90 times a day) -> higher impressions = higher revenue!

Reduced Permissions- The new version of HomeBase will only ask for 5 mandatory permissions. We believe this change will attract more users to your apps, and reduce the feeling of aversion from your apps.

Improved User Experience- we made sure to squash some main bugs so users can enjoy a better experience. The new HomeBase version looks, feels and acts a whole lot smoother and served as a refined lock screen.

Engagement Center- HomeBase allows you to cross-promote your apps within the lock screen itself. Create your rich and engaging offer in minutes, and serve it to your users absolutely free! Offers to other users are available in an introductory price. For more information, visit the admin panel.

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact us directly by email/Skype.
Tamir – [email protected] , Skype: Tamir.widdit
Idan – [email protected] , Skype: Idan-widdit

Happy revenues everybody!

There will be new SDK? or we will see only difference on your site ? I still have DAU on site … When I’ll see changes ?

Hey Wladca,
Please contact me by mail\Skype and I’ll assist you with anything you might need.


So no more 0.01/0.005 per DAU?

is it google play compatible ?

It could be even more than 0.01/0.005 per DAU!! Try it and see by yourself.
Our monetization experts are working very hard in order to let our partners generate the best revenue they can.
About Google – we do anything we can to stay compliant, so far we had no issues with them so there is no reason to be worried, the users have to accept our EULA before getting our lock screen and they can always disable the lock screen if they want.

Guys I really think you should try us out, we are providing the best earnings for our partners, don’t miss the opportunity to receive what you deserve to!

You may feel free to contact us anytime, by Email or Skype, we will always be there for you.

Looking forward to see you on board:)

Android Homebase Signup | Widdit

do you support unity apps??

thanks in advance,

Sure Iron,
We have a unity plugin and the integration process is very simple.
We also have a unique wrapper for those of you who work with Basic4Android.

You can register here - Android Homebase Signup | Widdit

You may also contact me via Skype id: idan-widdit or by mail: [email protected]

Looking forward for your success!