Widdit Feedback

Not sure how many of you have noticed but, Widdit wouldn’t pay you a dime if your app is suspended on google play store. I have a app which still has over 500K active users everyday and Widdit has been showing 0 installs for over 2-3 months now. They say since your app has been deleted from google play, we consider this app as spam and you will not be paid for it anymore. This app was not a spam but taken down due to DMCA request.

Talking about being ethical, I want to ask Widdit, if you think our apps are spam, why are you still making money from my userbase? In plain english, Widdit is milking my users everyday and but not paying me anything. Sounds like a great plan.

If you are using Widdit, you are currently running a risk of they not paying you anything at their own will. Please read their Terms of Conditions which says, at any time Widdit may suspend your app or account for any reason deem fit. We will also not pay you anything for apps deleted from google play store.

I tried taking this matter with them but they keep saying its their CEO’s decision not to pay anyone who has suspended apps. Guys beware of their tactics here.

If they can do this a big developers like us, they can do this anyone. When it comes to money, no one is your friend, thats the truth.

That is true , its rly unfair, I had the same … 300$ daily , ban from google and 0 revenue from widdit :-/ … but the most unfair is that they said me usually 80% of total installs ppl accept their eula. In my google play accounts , annie I have nearly 100k total active users , 10k daily downloads and in dashboard in widdit I just have only 25k daily users and I really didnt know why its going down in 4 days to 18k?!

I trust this company in past but now I really dont know what is going on … and I really thinking about change this company to other … If you have any good option on monetizing live wallpapers please tell me :wink:

Hi appsg,

We’re glad you brought up the subject, it’s a great opportunity for us to clarify our stand about banned apps that use our products.

First, it’s important to understand that we are only interested in working with top developers committed to experience regulations.
As mentioned on our ToS, if your app gets suspended from Google Play for any reason, Widdit cannot commercially support it or be part of it.
If you think your apps will be suspended anytime in the future (because of DMCA, guidelines violations or other reasons) – please do not use our SDK.

Second, if you as a developer were making hundreds of dollars a day with us, complaining about our financials just makes no sense.
When the app was up and legit, we paid you above average, on the spot, and provided the best support in the industry.

Bottom line – if you know your game, have quality apps, and do not get banned from Google Play, none of the above post applies to you, and we’ll be happy to collaborate. If you expect getting banned, than yes – please do not implement our SDK.

Well first off you just showed how ultimately terrible you are at customer service.


I haven’t said much on here in a while but i am truly getting a bit tired of Company reps airing personal information of any kind. I don’t care if the person says your mom eats poop sandwiches for lunch everyday. You just don’t do this kind of jackassery. I for one will never use your system EVER due to your little BS reply that included a single bit about his earnings.

This goes for all the rest of the reps here. If you ever give out anything but quality customer service on this site i will remove your advertising from my apps in a heart beat. Then write to your company and request your termination of employment with a provided screen shot of your idiocy.

Also I humbly request an Admin to ban this person from the site, to send this message home of ZERO tolerance of personal account information being posted.

P.S. You might want to check your user agreement with Widdit, i bet it says something legal about this. Most do…

A lot of the time apps get banned when the developer had no knowledge of any violation with Google’s policies or so Google banned with very little reasoning (their appeal process is useless most of the time).
I can understand your reasoning to an extent if a developer uses your SDK in an app that clearly violates Google’s policies, but even then your network has been given the traffic. You’ve had your cut.
Unless you are declaring the traffic as void to the advertiser(s) and refunding them you have no right to withhold that revenue from the respective developer.

Thats true, they don’t pay the developer, but they keep the money, what a good business they have. Do they return the money to the advertiser? I don’t think so. Also are they still serving adds to it?..

I can see the good and the bad here. If you look at sponsorships worldwide. What Widdit is doing is not far fetched. I would be mad as a developer but on a business end. This is not new tactics.
There trying to make a point of, we don’t respect bad business practice.
Like any company endorsements, once you mess up. They cut you off and still make money off your previous work. Cut you out of your extra revenue share a what ever money was left on your contract. They don’t wait to see if you was isn’t or not. Bad news is bad news.

Getting mad about him saying that guy made 50k… I think that’s petty.
We all know what these celebrities and athletes make.
We all know when they get pay cuts.
If he called him stupid or otherwise that would of been disrespectful.


That’s not how business is done, I’m sorry.

Listen, I probably have the most legit real working apps around, Infact I just had a badass market made like mobogenie, No spam, No Ads, Guess what? Deleted within 72 hours, So how the hell do you tell someone to not use you’re SDK when google bans ANYTHING when some pissy ass developer gets mad and fires off a few reports?

Please humor me, I’ve been in online marketing for 8 years, and thats one shady way to run a business - You think a suspended app is shady? You must be new to the online world, I’ve been around since cross sale days and BANKS were paying out on basically fraud leads, I’m not talking petty 50k either, I’m talking millions, So don’t use the bullshit excuse that because an app was suspended that now you can’t be apart of it, Grow up, Legitimate apps get suspended day in and out, deal with it. Don’t even pull the bullshit advertiser excuse either, Luckily I’ve ran millions of clicks on both sides of the fence, and some of my best friends are large advertisers

Maybe that’s why you do net45?..More time able to get app banned and keep money, same as appwiz tactic with me.

I was just thinking about re-introducing your SDK in my apps, won’t do it, thanks for sharing.

What a joke… do u seriously think users want some ad filled lockscreen bundled with a random wallpaper app? Or that any top developers would even consider using your sdk??? I guarantee the apps making the most revenue on your network are all spam apps filled with keywords and copyright infringement.

Just because an app gets banned for integrating a network Google decides isn’t compliant (or if a competitor files a fake DMCA) doesn’t give you the right to withhold payments, especially as you continue to earn ad revenue on them. As an ad network, Google’s policies should have very little if any bearing on your payment terms. Maybe on your sdk’s practices but not legal contracts with developers when there are dozens of other markets we could publish our apps on exclusively. Google is our client, not yours. When google bans an app, any sales or admob revenue immediately stops too. They don’t continue to sell our app or display interstitials behind our back because it still belongs to us and that would be theft.

Honestly your network is the most risky out-of-app solution anyways now that mobario and appoptim have been banned (not to mention the most buggy considering it doesn’t even work on tablets) so you should literally be begging for new developers. Only a greedy idiot would risk their rating by putting widdit in a half decent app after that last comment you made. Hopefully u get banned from the forum for publicly exposing appsg’s income without his permission

I´m really excited. Please tell me, what happens to the revenue that is not being paid to the banned developers. After all, you received the money from your advertising partners already, don´t you? If its true that you keep that money, its stealing. And nothing but that

Wow Idan. Never expected this from you. Remember when you write openly on a public forum, you represent a company. The words spoken online get into history books of people and your immature post will surely caught lot of people’s attention.

In any circumstances, you can’t post personal revenue details in public. Should I go on posting all our various skype conversion for some fun here?

To your point that you guys are so compliant about Spam apps or deleted apps, how about Widdit stop promoting their offers on the devices registered with my banned apps?

Why are not so ethical when it comes to earning money? When You call developers spammers, you should also stand up and do the right thing.

Furthermore, the 50K USD widdit paid me is not charity, its my hard work. You are now making much more than that by not paying me a dime.

I want a written apology from you on this forum or through email on this matter.

Funny thing is that people were getting banned cause of your SDK…

That’s a load of bullocks.

If you don’t want anything to do with the app then why are you still serving it ads and making money off it.