Widdit, any success stories?

Just implemented Widdit in my app that has 4k downloads. Was wondering if anyone is willing to share it’s experience!

I’m happy with them so far. I had a problem recently that they fixed in less than a day of me reporting it, so they seem to be pretty much on the ball.

However, I haven’t been paid yet because NET45, but given their background with desktop advertising, I’d be quite surprised if I ran into payment problems.

Less download problem … I am using but i think they are showing less than actual accept .

Didnt tested new version of sdk but didnt get any payment . I hope they will fix problems asap

5000$ in less than two months, i recently reached 40k active users which means 200$ a day, they have the best payment rates for developers with non US traffic.
i recommend everyone to use it.

eyydse93, do you have it implemented in games or “normal” applications?

normal applications

did u receive any payments from them?

@ metinogtem
with the new sdk you can manage the declines so the Eula shows up every time when he opens the app and when he declines you can get him out of the app if you like more accepts

both methods exists the old one and the new one with the new sdk its up you which one to use

not yet, they are net 45

So, as I understand u right… u have 5000$+ remaining in their system? That’s strange why they dont pay faster for those who generate big revenue. Well, keep us posted when u will receive your payment.

what is homebase minimum payout?

It’s not strange, they have net 45, so he just have to wait… I’m curious if they pay out! Please, do let us know!

they are net30 with $50 min. payout

net30 is probably for their other monetizing tools for pc

yes , they told me they only pay net45 even with higher revenues

They are net 45, so i won’t jump to conclusions just yet. However, they treated us failrly well. I still feel they underreport the active users count by atleast 30-40%

what i find strange is that you can turn off the offer wall and other advertisements in the console and get paid the same. I confirmed it with their rep.

How can you do that? I can’t find it in the options menu? Thanks

Can someone tell me please what kind of ads do they have ?
I have 100k active users a day most of them outside of the US and most of the networks I use are paying poorly these days

That’s just a showpiece. Nothing actually happens on the homebase lock screen. I have tried adding a new widget, now almost 20 days, it still never appeared. I guess its just for fun for you to believe you can control anything but in reality you can’t.