Why You Should Use SendDroid

Hey Guys,

Here we are a few months after the latest Google Policy has gone into place.

I don’t want to beat around the bush too much. Lets get to the point.

I’m inviting all of you once more to join SendDroid. And here’s why.

1) Compliant with Google:
We did not tackle the policy with questionable and revolutionary ad units. Sometimes it is best to accept the reality than get caught up in haste and make a bad situation worse. Since the app development is a full time job for a lot of you guys, we don’t find it ethical to put any of that in jeopardy. We immediately rolled out Banners & Interstitials and split the SDK so anyone using SendDroid SDK won’t be in any kind of trouble. Currently the evidence I have to suggest that our ads are compliant is the absence of any objection by Google in this regard. Also, you’ll find nothing questionable about SendDroid when you tally it with Google Policy.

2) Support:
We give round the clock Support to our Developers. Your AM is available via various means and you can get in touch any time about anything. Prompt service is guaranteed.

3) We have never let you down:
We have been struck by policy changes and shifts in motions but we have never put profits over service. We have kept up our promise of transparency and by now you should know who is worth what. There isn’t a single app which has been banned because of SendDroid.

4) Prompt Payments:
The Developers who are working with us will tell you that we deliver payments on time. Some people here unfortunately take the route of deception just to defame other Networks and I believe we all know who they are. But if you have worked with us or are working with us, you will know that we don’t deactivate your account for no reason and don’t hold any payments either.

5) eCPM:
Your eCPM is something that we don’t control. I have mentioned here before that it is easy to manipulate numbers to show you what you like but we don’t get involved in such practices. Hope you can appreciate that. That said, we also cannot control where your users come from and how often they click. What we do is simple. Our servers constantly monitor the performance of ads on your site and deliver the best performing ads to ensure a higher CTR which ensures a higher eCPM. Results are simple. With a good CTR -5%, you will get over $2.50 eCPM on Interstitials with 65-70% traffic being in Tier 1 countries.

Now there are some things you have asked us.

  1. Integration via Mopub. We are currently working on it but I cannot give you a time frame on it just yet.
  2. Referral Program. This should be up and running by January 2014.
  3. Reporting. More reporting options will be available to Developers by next month.

I know that is a lot to read but if you have come this far, then it is time for you to sign up as well. http://ads.senddroid.com

You can always PM me if you have any questions.

Hopefully this will help you and us both.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you ever plan on making your code work with AdMob so we can use a mixture of SendDroid and Admob interstitial?

Hey Chandler,
When are we going to see “custom” under the “Time Period” selection.
Also when are we going to see “Revenue” included in the graph data.
These are two things I have brought up time and time again and you have said they will be integrated.
Are you planning on integrating these things? They are really needed in my opinion.

Oh and what does the “Conv.” colum stand for? Is that conversions? I cannot find any information on it.

The last time I try sendDroid, the banner ads don’t have any ad to show? How is it now?

Hey T-7

We have had a good increase in our Banner volume and subsequently in demand as well.

I believe you will have no trouble finding ads.

Hope this helps.

Hello Alkaline,

  1. December
  2. December

The ‘Conv’ stands for conversions. It just shows you how many of the clicks went ahead to convert (filled a form/downloaded an app etc). It shows you how well your app is performing.

The data is not entirely complete and we are not sure if we’ll keep that feature up. The idea was to show developers how well or otherwise their app works.

I’ll keep you posted on the updates Alkaline. Really appreciate you being a part of SendDroid. :slight_smile:

Why you should not use Senddroid ?

I earned $850 from them till July. However got payment only for $560. After implementing their SDK they just stopped sending money to me. I used support of the website and e-mailed to Chandler many times .However they never answered me.

In Senddroid dashboard my earning still $850 but there is no payment for months. I don’t trust them anymore…

Hi Akhadian,

It is a common mistake. The earnings that show in your Dashboard are not Pending Payments but Total Earnings.

Please feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you believe your payment has not been sent out.

From what I understand, some payments don’t get processed in time or lack complete information etc. That does not mean we won’t pay you or hold your money. If you don’t get a response from Accounting within 24 hours of your email, let me know and I’ll sort it out myself.

Thank you very much and my apologies for the problem. :slight_smile:

I think there is no mistake.
I get 2 payments from you which is $560 in total.
I know its total earnings but can not get it.
I e-mailed both to my account maanger and your accounting team again.


Thanks Akhadian,

I have had a word with your AM & Accounting. This matter will be resolved ASAP.

You should get an update from them once they have identified what the problem is and when your next payment will be.

Thanks again

Note: I have moved @billyh’s post about SendDroid compliance, and the ensuing discussion to a separate thread: http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid.com/advertising-networks/3283-senddroid-compliance.html.

Chandler e-mailed to me after posts here on 05.11 and told me that I would get my payment on Thursday(07.11).
However, as expected there is no payment or update from Senddroid accounting.
Even Chandler himself did not respond to my e-mail. I believe, below posts are just for PR.

Guys, absolutely STAY AWAY from Senddroid. If you stop using their ads you will definitely get no payments for your current earnings…

I don’t think I should use Senddroid. I have just implemented banner ad. The result I got is always “No Available Notifications (3)”. My app has been approved and status is “running”.