Why wikipedia page is crucial for brand recognition

Wikipedia is one of the biggest information sharing platforms in the world and is used for different purposes. From personal information sharing to publicity and brand recognition, everything could be counted in the list of uses that are linked to a Wikipedia page. But creating is a page for some people and for some, it might be easy to create a Wikipedia page as there are services that offer the same. But what if you want to have the page to be edited according to the recent details. This now has also become a service. Wikipedia editors for hiring us a service that solves the needs for editing a page which gives you a chance to update your information. But the real question is where can we find Wikipedia editors for hire? How are we going to get the right specifications of an editor? What does a Wikipedia editor requires and what he needs to know and get done? So is there any specific requirement that a Wikipedia editor needs? Or is it required to be generic? Possibly it would require some specific things, right? Or else anyone could have done it.