Why was the forum down for 2 days?

I got a database error message for 2 days. What happened?

Some functions like new posts still show that message. It happens to me once per a few months on this forum.

edit: sorry for the spelling, I wrote the post on a phone.

There were some issues with increased traffic over the past few months causing a few log files to build up. This filled up the server’s disk and caused all sorts of fun errors.

For now this has been mitigated, but I’m still working on migrating the old logs which should speed things up a fair bit. Also this will help with the outages which have been happening quite regularly when the complete backup jobs run.

If you’re still seeing database errors for certain functions please let me know, as that shouldn’t be happening anymore.

All seems to be working now, thanks david. And sorry for my post having a wrong word (zhoe instead of show) - I wrote it on a phone and must have mixed up letters (it’s fixed now).

You have the most important Android monetization community. You could spend a day or two upgrading the forums and not come here only when your AdSense impressions drop. The spam is almost unsupportable.

Sorry for the harsh words, but it’s the truth.

may be some posts were made like spam and forum servers get error

+1 Totally Agree.
You should sell this forum to someone more competent if not have time to manage it.

yeah its a little problem but it was fixed by team and now its a totally working forum