Why some games are more important for people

Almost every person who is playing games got a game which is more important for him or her. The game is important because it’s suites his or her personality. It may be because the amazing features of the game, nature of the game, characters of the game, design of the game, availability of the game, and other similar as I mentioned. Let’s take a game and see why a person would stick to that game.
Zombie Sniper – Last Man Standing a free android shooting game. A game with features such as, enhanced graphics, easy controls with camera view, accurate 3D sniper riffle, unlimited bullets to kill zombies, be the head-shot to kill the zombies with one bullet and endless level. The game is about people of the city who are in a state of war with zombies and they need a perfect assassin to save them from deadly zombies. So, if a person likes to play a role playing shooting game with the mentioned features of the game than he or she will stick to this game as long as they don’t get an alternative game.