Why not consider Senario Ads solution -- Cheetah Mobile's Latest Offering

To those who still trying to seek new ads formats,

Today we are living in a mobile environment which is full of different formats of Ads, including those that we are already familiar with – Banner, Interstitial, Ads Wall, … And we have some new ads formats, like Facebook Native Ads, which claims to be good at fitting in native app user interface. But somehow, it seems that all the above ads formats just focus on the ads appearance, while not putting the user path of native app into consideration.

What I’m gonna share with Android developers here is Cheetah Mobile’s (NASDAQ CMCM) latest announced ads format – Scenario Ads Solution. Here’re some key points of this ads format:

  1. Create additional ads scenarios that are completely compatible with the native app user interface.
  2. Make good use of the user traffic which may be wasted without specific design.
  3. Enhance user experience by providing a user friendly in-app navigation interfaces.

Last but not the least, this solution can help developer monetize their apps without sacrificing user experience. And this has been proved by Cheetah Mobile’s flagship product – Clean Master, which ranked No.1 in Google Play Utility Category.

Please feel free to reach me and let me know how can we help you in monetizing your app if you are interested in this solution.

My email: [email protected]

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