why my impression is so low in admob ?

hello guys

why my impression is so low in admob ?

the app for ios and the users from middle east

Why your CTR is so high?

Something is going very wrong here. It looks like your impressions aren’t being counted properly, you best get in contact with Admob as this looks like its a reporting issue?

User may be exiting the app or game before it shown…check your implementation once again to confirm…

how i can contact with admob ?

i really do not know

How did you get this off-the charts CTR!!!

How do you implement the ads? If I am Admob, I would ban you already for having such CTR.

i really dont know and i didnt use admob before so i dont know anything i just integration with ios app.

i did the normal Integration and its interstitial not banner.

how i can contact admob ?

What does it mean? if you want someone to help, you need to provide more information. Where the Interstitial is displayed, on what kind of action etc.

the ad should show when user go to to activity(2) on viewdidload and there is button on the view if user click it will go anther activity(3) .

Anyone will see this CTR will think that you click your own ads, I hope you don’t.
Mine is 0.40% - 1.30%

LoL , I can’t even see the ads I put my phone code in integration.