Why my game has no downloads

Hello ,

I created a nice 3D action game. It took me more than a month to create that. wrote a nice description. now its been on playstore like 2 weeks but still has about 15 downloads. I saw lot of cheap looking games has thousands of downloads.

should I use any marketing method ?

Its depend where you have to uploaded it for downloading…That site searchable by users or not ! If not so you need to upload in a reputed websites where lots of users visit daily!

Can you provide a link to your app?

Yes ofcource!! Without spreading the word or promotion no one can find out your app. Try ASO and get high PR inbound links to your app page and try non incentivised installs. Once your app listed in top rankining then you will get organic downloads. Target one country at a time. My best wishes :slight_smile:

Just to add on, depending on what kind of users you want, in a lot of tier 3 countries, google play is not installed by default. So you need to deploy your app in other third party stores besides GP. Of course if you feel users who hail from tier 3 countries will not bring in monies for you or you are not targeting them then yes you need do promotion for GP.

It isn’t enough to make a game and just put it out there on the Play Store for the masses to find. You need to work as hard on marketing as you do on actually making the game. Yes, you read that right. And it’s best to do a lot of that marketing in the first week or two that your game is released as Google Play will rank it higher when it is new.

If, like me, you have very little if any money to pay for marketing here are some things you can do for free:

Submit your app to other app stores: opera, slideme, amazon, etc. (these have less traffic, but are also less competitive)
Post on various forums about your game: this one, reddit (such as reddit/androidgaming, reddit/androiddev), xda, and theres about 5-10 other small ones you can find by googling ‘android game forums’
Post on facebook (and join facebook groups about indie game dev), post on twitter (and include hashtags such as #androiddev, #indiedev, #idrtg), post on Google+ (and join multiple communities about android development and android gaming then reshare your post to each one)

If you have Google Analytics you should be able to see how many users you get from this (rather than just relying on Google Play Developer Console download figures)

its google play

thanks for advises. how much do you normally spend for advertising. I tested with Facebook. it didn’t go well. Now I’m testing with admob

thanks for the advices. I tried reddit. they have a rule about register for 3 months before promote my game :frowning:

I generally used incentivized install to get quick results. But now i am planning to switch over to non incentivised because of poor retention rate. I am planning to try appnext. Lets see.

normally how much downloads needs to get good organic downloads. I don’t need like 5000 downloads a day. at least to get 100 - 500 organic downloads a day

Do we really need to implement tracking sdk into the app???

It depends. Even one of my games got top ranking when i got 400 US installs for three days and i got social share features in my game. So it started receiving 200 to 250 organic downloads from 4th day. But sad part is once we stop the promotion it is gradually stop receiving organic downloads in few days.

I guess its because of the retention period. May be google see our uninstall rate goes high and it reduces our app ranking. Just a guess!!

Hello ,

I created a nice 3D action game. It took me more than a month to create that. wrote a nice description. now its been on playstore like 2 weeks but still has about 15 downloads. I saw lot of cheap looking games has thousands of downloads.

should I use any marketing method ?

Hi and congratulations on your game!

After creating your game and publishing to the app store - it can be quite hard to get it to rank, get downloads and have people give you good ratings. I’ll share some of the marketing methods I use with you, most of them are free :slight_smile:

  1. Google play store is not the only store. Publish your app to more stores to increase the visibility of your app and reach more users. I publish my apps and games to these stores: Google Play Store, Amazon Android App Store, Opera Mobile Store, 1Mobile, AppsLib, Softonic, Mobango, Mobile9, Mall.soc.io, MoboGenie and Mobiles24.

  2. Create social media presence for all your apps. Once you launch an app or game on any app store, create a facebook, google plus and twitter page at least. Instagram could also be a nice addition to place some screenshots of your game. Share updates with your audience about your game, and maybe even give them some tips and tricks to pass the difficult levels. You can also create one social media page at each social network to contain information and updates of all your apps and games - give it a good name, for example the name you use as a developer. This can also make things a bit easier when you have a lot of apps and games published.

  3. Work on the SEO of your app’s description - use Google Keyword Planner to search for the most appropriate keywords to use in your description and adjust your description to be more search-friendly if possible.

  4. Add localization to your app’s description and creatives. This can help increase your audience by allowing people from different countries and origins to download your app or game by making the description and details available in their native language.

  5. Get your app listed on a few review websites. There’s a lot of websites out there that offers app and game reviews, some for free and others for a small fee. Before paying any fees make sure the PageRank and Alexa Ranking of the website that wants to charge you a fee for a review is good.

  6. Write a press release. a Press release can be a great way to create a buzz around your app or game. Be sure to highlight all the important features of your game in your press release, and keep it short-and-sweet. When you are done writing a press release, submit it to different press release websites. There’s thousands of websites that can host your press release for you - some of these websites will even offer you a chance to get your press release shared on their social media accounts and blogs at extra fees. a Simple Google search for “free press release submission” will get you thousands of results where you can submit your press release for free.

  7. Make a gameplay video! One of the best ways to get people interested in your game is to show them how great it is. Create a video while you are playing the game and publish it to YouTube and other video sharing websites. Include a good description and a link to your game on the app store.

  8. Blog about your game. Another great way to get some traffic and get people interested in your game is to blog about it. You can even create a free blog at Tumblr or Blogger and just start telling people about your game. Share some tips and tricks, etc and include a link to your game in every post you make.

  9. Create a landing page. This is completely optional but could also help - create a landing page to show off your game. Include a link to your app on the app store and make sure you highlight all the best features of your game on the landing page. Be sure to include a link to your game on the app store more than once - at the top, in the middle of the features showcase, and also at the bottom of the landing page.

I really hope that these tips can help you increase the downloads to your app and get you more excited about your journey as a game developer.

We also have an Android game and app listing platform - you can submit your game to us and we will add it to our database and display it all over our website. If you’re interested, follow the link in my signature :slight_smile:

Good luck!

lets see. thanx for the info :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll try those

You can change your category ad try to make your app listing image more professional along with the icon.

Besides nice description, you also need nice app title, nice app icon and nice app screenshots.

About app marketing methods, there are so many promotion methods, such as social media, forums, blogs, cross promotion, aso, etc. Personally speaking, aso(app store optimization is the most efficient promotion method, because data shows that over 65% of app downloads are made through app stores browsing and search.

ASO is the abbreviation of “App Store Optimization”, it’s the process to optimize apps to rank higher in the app store’ search results. The higher the app ranks in the app stores’ search results, the more visibility for app potential users. Also, the more traffic to your app will be led. You can do it from the following aspects.

Choose right keywords
Keywords are the most important thing because that is exactly the word that users type in to search for the apps. When you’re selecting a keyword, you need to take keyword relevance, traffic, and competition into account.
Target keywords with low competition and lower search volumes first. After gaining the initial momentum, start using keywords with higher traffic and reasonable difficulty. They help your app stack up more downloads. Work your way up gradually as your app gets more popular.

Tips on keywords optimization:
[li]Use all 100 characters
[/li][li]Separate every keyword by a comma
[/li][li]Avoid space, articles and prepositions
[/li][li]Use singular OR plural, the easier one to rank for
[/li][li]Don’t repeat keyword
[/li][li]Use numbers instead of spelled out words

Add keywords to title
Data shows that adding keywords in title will increase your app’s ranking by 10.3%. And be sure to create an attractive title, which will increase the conversion rate.

App description
You said that you already have a nice description, don’t forget add 4~5 keywords in your app descriptions, which helps to boost your app ranking in app stores.

Reduce app size
Ensure that you keep your app size below 5MB as it will result in better conversion thus prompting app stores to assume that it’s a good app.

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